@EFLS Yeah, I totally see your concerns, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how natural it’s felt. I use the Planck whenever I go anywhere, and have spent a couple hours on it at times with no problems.

I think my biggest (only?) gripe is the relative lack of keys. Sure, you can use layers, but coming from the regular ErgoDox, there’s always a little adjustment phase as I remember where some of the more obscure symbols go, hah.

Feeling like I found my inner teenage girl listening to Taylor Swift and doing maths 😅

Dev talk recommendations, boosts 👌 

If you had to pick one conference talk that has impacted the way you think / develop software the most: which would it be and why?

For me, it’d have to be ‘Making Impossible States Impossible’ by Richard Feldman for how it talks about restricting your models and using the computer and type system to avoid invalid states. “Testing is good. Impossible is better. “

@pureevil Yeah, I do believe it is. I’m on NixOS. I thought I saw an issue saying it’s related to Nix on some way, but couldn’t find it now (I’m on my phone).

Sorry for the late replies, by the way. Notifications don’t seem to be coming through correctly.

@pureevil Oh, interesting. And indeed, I do use Spacemacs, but my issue was with Stack itself. stack init, stack build, etc would all fail with the same Docker-related error, so I'm not sure the copying of compiler tools would help in this case.

Thanks, though! I'll probably run into it again soon and see what I can do about it :D

@pureevil Ooh, I ran into this the other day too, but never found a solution for it. I’d love to hear about it if you find a solution 😇

It seems I'm incapable of writing short posts. Even when I think it'll only be about 500 words or so, I end up with at least triple that.

I really need to work on presenting my ideas and thoughts in a more concise manner.

At least I'm aware, right? 😅

Completely unexpectedly ended up with a ticket to NDC today, and it is pretty sick. I’m all about the free food so far, but I’m sure I’ll find some good talks too 😅

Just picked up an Ergodox Planck and it is _tiny_! The kailh thick gold switches feel amazing, though! Here pictured next to my previously smallest keyboard, a 60% Pok3r.

Also, side note: I went from having never used a mechanical keyboard to owning 5 of them in a year ... whoops? 😅

@kaushalmodi Thanks 😁 And yeah, being able to write using org mode was very important to me - - - maybe more so than it should have been, hah 😅

While working on it, I accidentally pushed 100+ tags to the site's repo (oops) and had to find a way to fix that. I ended up using xargs and had to figure out it works. Naturally, I wrote a post on that ✌️


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So I got that blog of mine up and running in the end 👆 It's been about a month now, and so far I've managed to get something out every week. Sure, it's no big achievement just yet, but everyone's gotta start somewhere, right? 😅

@piggo Oh, sorry. I must be missing some context here. What's this media query and how does it relate to themes?

@piggo Just regular Firefox with a dark theme or is this something else? If the former, then that works just fine. I've been doing it for the last couple months, but I can't remember where I found the setting 🙄

It's particularly interesting because of how you can tell from the wording and punctuation. Sure, there's also the vague actualy memory of writing it, but that's secondary.

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It's a strange kind of deja vu when you're reading through the git documentation and suddenly stumble upon a section that you yourself authored.

@loke I really wish there was something like the 'Practical Vim' book for emacs (or even just for org mode); that'd be amazing!

@loke Can't remember any particular resource, but org-mode still makes me go 'wow' whenever I discover something new.

I came from Vim / other editors with Vim bindings, and a friend showed me spacemacs. Love at first sight, pretty much.

I want to create a config from the ground up once, but not quite yet.

Oh, my god. I don't know why it matters, but after moving most application-level packages into a buildenv.nix file for my specific user and out of the global configuration, everything suddenly feels a lot snappier. Plus I can start rebuilding my system again 🎉 All that's left in system level config is system stuff and some CLI tools.

I can run slack/spotify/alacritty without wrapping them and the fans don't whine constantly 😅

Oh, the joys of learning

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