Just picked up an Ergodox Planck and it is _tiny_! The kailh thick gold switches feel amazing, though! Here pictured next to my previously smallest keyboard, a 60% Pok3r.

Also, side note: I went from having never used a mechanical keyboard to owning 5 of them in a year ... whoops? 😅

@hartmann So how do you enjoy the Planck compared to its bigger brother? I'm looking for something more portable (after enjoying my ErgoDox for more than a year), but am a little hesitant about how the planck forces the wrist in strange angles

@EFLS Yeah, I totally see your concerns, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how natural it’s felt. I use the Planck whenever I go anywhere, and have spent a couple hours on it at times with no problems.

I think my biggest (only?) gripe is the relative lack of keys. Sure, you can use layers, but coming from the regular ErgoDox, there’s always a little adjustment phase as I remember where some of the more obscure symbols go, hah.

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