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Let's try a little to start things off:

, I'm Thomas.

Software dev currently particularly enamored with and , trying to dive ever deeper into the functional and theoretical ends of the pool.

I want to start writing and talking about programming, so I'll try and use this as a little outlet to set me on the right path.

Keyboard customizer, Oxford comma proponent, and all-round good guy.

Maybe I'll actually manage to rack up some posts this time around?


Oh, my god. I don't know why it matters, but after moving most application-level packages into a buildenv.nix file for my specific user and out of the global configuration, everything suddenly feels a lot snappier. Plus I can start rebuilding my system again 🎉 All that's left in system level config is system stuff and some CLI tools.

I can run slack/spotify/alacritty without wrapping them and the fans don't whine constantly 😅

Oh, the joys of learning

Bought myself a domain today. Wasn't really expecting that.

So it's April first and time to revisit the little goal I set myself in March: proposing talks for two conferences by April.

It's a small win, but I'd definitely consider it a success. Proposals were sent to JavaZone in Oslo, Norway and Deconstruct Conf in Seattle, USA.


Okay, team: I'm looking to get into lisp programming, but I'm not sure where to start. Any recommendations on which dialect to go for and learning materials?

I've previously had a little dabble with common lisp, but didn't find any great learning resources, so it didn't quite have time to solidify.

After a cursory read through the Wiki articles, scheme seems like a good choice too. Maybe Little Schemer would be a good read?

Had a little play with the Workman keyboard layout this morning after a colleague told me he liked the look of it.

I'm intrigued, but not convinced. In particular, HJKL felt awkward for movement. Now, I use Dvorak usually, and by some amazing luck, the way those letters are laid out actually works.

Anyway, I'd be very interested from you if you've got some experience with it 😇

Oops. Just accidentally a package to the global npm namespace 😅

Guess I expected it to be under my namespace by default or at least get a heads up. Oh, well 🎶

The ADT result modeling is very much inspired by how art work, in C#, the database writing service throws an exception if a given key already exists.

Went to a tech night hosted by a big, Norwegian web marketplace company today. One of the talks was about speaking at conferences and it made me realize that yes, now is indeed the time.

New goal: submit at least two applications by the end of the month ✌️

Current best formed idea: using algebraic data types for handling operations that can produce various outcomes.

Other idea: Phantom types and making your life easier. Mostly because I could call it 'the Phantom Menace'.

I wonder if I could do the OCaml/ReasonML thing and make a syntax that makes Rust look like Haskell 🤔

I'd call it... Rascal 👌

The ErgoDox, one week in. Show more

The ErgoDox, one week in. Show more

The ErgoDox, one week in. Show more

The ErgoDox, one week in. Show more

So turns out you can change how dual function keys work on the ErgoDox, but it's hidden in the advanced settings. I'm very happy about this, but also confused as to why they would set the default to be to deliver them as separate values if you're a "fast typist".

Anyway, went through about 5 iterations at work today, definitely getting somewhere.

Also, using a regular laptop keyboard was weird after a day of ortholinearity 🙄

Think I've found an initial layout that I can work with for my ErgoDox. The ortholinearity still feels a bit strange, but I'll take it into work tomorrow and we'll see how it goes.

Biggest downside so far: I've had to move away from dual-function shift keys, as I tend to release the shift key before the other key. This would result in two things like `\a` instead of `A` for instance.

That said, I've still got access to those symbols in other places.

Also, why are we still shipping things with paperclip holes? Who even has paperclips anymore?

Was about to run to the shop when I realized that I had some tiny screwdrivers that'd do the job.

Got my ErgoDox EZ today 🎉
Feels promising, but haven't finished the setup just yet. I'm a bit disappointed that I can't map any arbitrary symbol combination, but it's understandable due to how keyboards work.

Linux weirdness Show more

Miiiight have caved and picked up an ErgoDox EZ when receiving my holiday pay early today 🤷

I've been drooling over it for the past couple of months, so better just to get it out of the way, right?

So I'm not sure exactly what happened, but now all the monitors work with no drop in performance 👏

I am, of course, super paranoid that any moment it'll just fall apart, but we'll see.

If it stays this way then I can finally move onto other things like window managers, and, dare I say it, development environments!

Anyway, I think it's high time I documented some of what I've been doing 🗒️

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