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I'm amazed by the way GrapheneOS has solved the problem with both having a Google free phone, free from 24/7 surveillance, and the ability to to use apps that require Google Play Services. Without compromising on security.

They've made the official Google services and Play Store to run as normal, unprivileged apps inside the standard app sandbox. This means...



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We welcome this judgment and will keep denouncing the Home Office's inhumane approach to migration - which repeatedly interferes with migrants' human rights, through invasive surveillance methods, abuses of power, and denial of basic dignity.

. @KyivIndependent and others, what happened to those trapped in the bombed theatre?

I've not seen any updates since the first 120 or so we're rescued I'm the first couple of days.

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She's now growling at the puma walking back after a failed kill!

RT @happybeing: My dog is on my lap transfixed by David Attenborough's program about Patagonian pumas.

My dog is on my lap transfixed by David Attenborough's program about Patagonian pumas.

Why is Jon Snow helping us imagine armageddon? 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Italy beat Wales in Cardiff with a last minute try and conversion!

I use cash because I don't want my *food shop* tracked.

RT @lrvick: Expecting Bitcoin to enforce sanctions is like asking that highways automatically prevent speeding.

Privacy and sanctions compliance are simply incompatible. Do you really want every sex shop or pharmacy purchase publicly attributed to you?

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⚠️The new #OnlineSafetyBill will make people less safe⚠️

▶️ Helping criminals and dictators by undermining encryption and safe comms
▶️ Pushing automated censorship of vital info
▶️ Punishing victims of abuse and bullying who use anonymity to protect themselves

Pig is Vida's favourite 'grab by the neck and tear it apart with violent head shaking' toy.

Today she met some real piglets who, lucky for her were behind a fence as her reaction to them was 'not bloody likely mate'.

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Safe Network Update 17 March, 2022

To support our setting up in Switzerland we need to provide documentation - thankfully not as much as if we were to try the same thing in the UK, but the Swiss regulators do need to be able to see what we’re all about.

We’re taking this as a good opportunity for some spring-cleaning, creating a fresh set of white papers, and sprucing up our websites while we’re at it.

#safenetwork #maidsafe #web3 #decentralized

happybeing boosted 🇬🇧 Russia spies on Ukraine and peace activists. Still no support from EU Commissioner for a right to secure end-to-end encryption #E2EE in the #DigitalServicesAct #DSA as proposed by Parliament. This must change now!

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With the news that Bounty is returning to some maternity wards in the UK, listen to our updated 2020 podcast “Marketing and Maternity.” 👇

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UK leaving easy loopholes even in 'toughened' sanctions bill. If they treated the rich as they do the poor there would be no place to hide, but .

UK to expand Russia sanctions list as bill is fast-tracked

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Microsoft is testing ads in the Windows 11 File Explorer

I hope they thing it is a great success, just to drive more people to Linux.

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