Next code thing: poking around some Go packages to figure out if I can use go-billy with go-git and git-bug to create an app that can work on any filesystem, and then how to compile it all to Web Assembly so it can run entirely in the browser as a ==> decentralised Git portal see:

I need to update this diagram!

While drinking coffee the coder in me is itching to get at the keyboard and start putting some of the into being!

There's much to do, but every journey starts with a File New!

p2p git-portal Architecture. I made a diagram! 

It shows how a static HTML app can act as an alternative to github without self hosting - i.e. this could be loaded from a p2p filesystem such as

My target is , but you could use it with or any storage over the web (or conventional web hosting).

The tricky part is this uses compiled to , to deliver git-bug and git functionality in the browser.

Latest deaths made with my workbench at

Loads data directly from website (amongst many others).

Pretty shocking comparisson!

Tauri + Svelte made a promising start.

I added Tauri to vislab, fairly complex web app which queries servers and visualises the results.

In the two configurations I tried (Hermit and Cloudbridge it just works using tauri dev.

Look! + in


When I spoke to outside the old bailey court he explained how it's obvious what's happening to Julian Assange and why:

"They are persecuting a man who exposed their war crimes and that's the sole reason."



vdash v0.2.4 a Safe Network dashboard in the terminal, and my first Rust app.

Its basic, but I hope useful and could be the basis for a very nice app to use with the upcoming test networks.

Get it here:

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