I put identical polls out yesterday here and on my Twitter account:
- Mastodon 200 followers: 56 votes
- Twitter 2,000 followers: 2 votes

This is consistent with my general impression about these two platforms:

Twitter is mostly web 1.0 consumption, Mastodon is web 2.0 social.

@happybeing same impression here. Having followers on tweeter doesn't give you visibility or readers, it's a lie.

I've never used twit, but I've been aghast at ppl who claim to 'follow' thousands of other people. It can't be done. Personally, I max out at between 60-75 people who I can usefully follow and interact with - and I try to keep it at the low end of that range. It varies and I prune the list every so often. Some are prolific posters and others rarely post at all or drop off entirely.
'Follow for follow'? WhoTF made that up‽‽ Makes no bloody sense to me.

@happybeing also twitter uses algorithms and apparently a lot of people are happy to have their feed in the random algorithm order rather than date order so they may not even see you tweets, it's baffling to me as I don't see the point of following people and then not seeing what they post!

@wolfie it does that?! I mean, I’ve heard about twitter’s algorithmic TL but I thought you see everything eventually, just not in order. To say the algorithm *hides* posts by users you follow is a whole new level 😐

@shahaan yeah, I've seen a lot of people who rely on twitter to promote things like their twitch streams say that if they include a URL in their tweet the engagement dives right down as less people see it on their feed

@wolfie blows my mind that people are ok with letting an algorithm decide what they do and don’t see 🤷🏻‍♂️

@happybeing I am more hesitant to answer polls on Twitter as that data will be used against me by data traders.

@happybeing IME birdsite also has a much larger spambot problem. This can inflate follower count well beyond anything reflecting reality.

@saramg that's true, but whenever I've looked at my Twitter followers I'm stunned by the quality, so it's not the issue on that account.

@happybeing tried sharing anything of consequence on Facebook lately? I only get dead silence.

Post a meme: loads of interaction.

Combination of user base + algorithmic filtering 🤷

@happybeing Yeah the only tweets of mine that get any interaction on twitter are the ones with art and a related hashtag, or joke responses to popular tweets. Here I get some interaction on everything.

@happybeing I think that is the general trend here for everyone. Plus there isn't an AI in the background deciding who sees what and where it'll fall in your timeline. The people are in control.

@happybeing I only just came back here after a year long break and even with relatively few followers I get interaction with my posts.

It's owes a lot to how well federation works on here
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