Talking about Go 1.16, this is a release to be excited about. Here are some of my personal highlights:

- fs.FS interface. This should make a bunch of filesystem operations agnostic to the underlying storage service.

- Clean up of 'go get' vs 'go install'

- Embedding files into binaries
- Smaller binaries
- Faster linking
- darwin/arm64 support

Find more exciting changes here:


"Note that Go 1.16 requires use of Go modules by default, now that, according to our 2020 Go Developer Survey, 96% of Go developers have made the switch. We recently added official documentation for developing and publishing modules."

Ohh no, I liked the old import much better 😢


I'm honestly curious: what do you dislike about Go Modules? Note that you can still force Go to operate within its GOPATH by setting $GO111MODULE to off.


@fribbledom @openscience I found the automatic editing of imports was wrong much of the time, was well as totally unexpected and therefore confusing. The whole mechanism seems overly complex and was hard to understand. Some things not documented AFAIK (like using a branch name in place of version, which then gets silently replaced with the 'correct' version).

I liked the language, but modules and runtime size both mean I'll avoid it rather than choose to use it in future.

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