I can't believe this stuff is 'just working' but git portal can now:
- clone repos from github, gitlab
- list commits for selected repo
- create issues and add comments (no UI)

All without any server side code, in a Svelte + Golang/Wasm static web app! 🎉
live at:

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Hi, No button does anything apart the clone one that throw me an error

@spoggy did you set up the proxy? Check the github README and let me know in the matrix chat here if you can't get it working:

The other buttons should produce output in the console. It's not much more than a test harness right now for getting third party Go components working in the browser.

Thanks for checking out out!

I was just trying on a phone, and did not set proxy,

@spoggy to use it in a phone to need to point to an external proxy when cloning (because of CORS as you're doing requests from a browser. When cloning from gitlab you can avoid the proxy if you turn off CORS with a browser plugin)

@happybeing I was just trying and won't investigate more now . But great project idea 💡. I Will follow

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