Mozilla has gone bad.

"Mozilla works with advertising partners to place sponsored tiles on the Firefox home page (or New Tab) that would be useful to Firefox users. Mozilla is paid when users click on sponsored tiles."

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@happybeing But if we have to choose between Mozilla putting an ad in your search box and being entirely dependent on that advertiser, or putting them on the new tab page and being able to cut out advertisers they do not agree with - which one would be preferable?

@vinnl advertising is harmful. It's how power centralisedps and our autonomy is leached away from us. For decades we've been told how good it is to eat, smoke, buy x, y and z to enrich corporations while actually destroying our health and communities.

It's not a choice I can support, killing people more slowly is not a better choice. I won't expose myself to ads any more and I will always try to persuade others it's in their interests to avoid ads too.

@happybeing Right, but that's not the choice: if it's just about advertising, then Mozilla hasn't gone bad - it always was. The question is whether its current incorporation of advertising, where it is largely dependent on a particular company that it therefore sometimes finds hard to criticise, is better or worse than a potential future form where there are ads on the 'new tab' page.

@happybeing (but yes, I really hope they'll make a paid version with integrated VPN available soon so I can throw money at them, and that that will prove sufficient to keep a free and ethical browser available. But I'm also thinking about a possible world in which that does not succeed.)

@vinnl it will not succeed on the web we have because business is sociopathic once it grows unaccountable to it's community. We've not recognised that yet, and this will continue until we change that.

You and I can build alternatives though, and if we can make them better, easier and cheaper, maybe we can reduce the harms significantly - but not if we include ads. So my philosophy is to work and advocated against that rather than help those being a bit less evil.

There is another choice for you and me.

@happybeing Well, I hope you can, because I certainly do not have the skills to build a web browser 😃 But in all seriousness, it requires society-wide change as well, because right now I unfortunately can only spend the time required to build viable, better alternatives if I'm getting paid to do so, and I haven't found a sustainable way to achieve that yet - and I tried, for over two years! A grant here and there helped, but it was mostly depleting my savings account...

@vinnl indeed. I can't build much on my own but luckily I'm not alone and each of us doing a bit of what we can all adds up.

It's tricky to find a way to sustain this, but my experience is that if you keep trying it can happen. It's important to not lose sight of the fundamentals and be interested in how to make them work for you (money, lifestyle etc).

@happybeing Yeah absolutely, I'm very happy with how far I've come in terms of being able to work on what I consider important. But I do recognise that a large part of that is luck and privilege, and that the odds are not stacked in our favour if we're dependent on people being so lucky.

@vinnl we don't have to win in order to win 🤔. I think you and I share some purpose, and while I also share your anxiety about what will be, I also choose to think it doesn't matter.

David Bohm said, when you have two explanations of phenomena and experiment can't determine which is more correct, choose the one which has the best effect. So in this context I am both very committed, and believe it doesn't matter. I find that helps, I can get on and enjoy what I choose without concerning myself with impact.

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