I note that there's not much / / (0 per week) activity on mastodon as far as I can tell.

I'm a bit surprised given the popularity of (41 per week).

If you are into those please say hi!

@happybeing I've been looking into #RDF and #LinkedData again after a long phase of abstinence. I'm just trying to figure out what's really left from the much-hyped #SemanticWeb and which parts can be useful.


@schmidt_fu I'm still trying to figure out out myself, but I hope it can be put to good use.

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@happybeing I happened to stumble upon the "Delightful Linked Data" list that @humanetech is building. It looks that there are some gems to be found.

@schmidt_fu thank you. The list just got started.I hope to add more gems, and others will know about it and PR. The whole #delightful project is a long-running thing.



@happybeing Late feedback: I managed to get a #Trelllis #LDP server running. There are many configuration options, but it seems to be a pretty light-weight and robust piece of software (first glance). :-)
I also found sparql-client on PyPI, but it doesn't seem up to date with Python 3.8 :-/

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