I note that there's not much / / (0 per week) activity on mastodon as far as I can tell.

I'm a bit surprised given the popularity of (41 per week).

If you are into those please say hi!

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@happybeing the #SolidProject "media strategy" doesn't use the hashtag "#Solid". <>

On the other hand, the official Mastodon account @Solid is basically dead.

The Solid Project itself seems to be lagging/playing catchup in general, leaning (too) heavily on stuff like 2010s-era venues like Twitter, GitHub, and Gitter instead of the tech/outlets most spiritually compatible with the principles of Solid and linked data and most attractive to "indie" makers, so...

@colby @happybeing @Solid On the other other hand, Solid is more than just the people managing social media accounts with that name, and so we can use whatever hashtag we prefer.

And in that regard, I prefer to use #SolidProject as well, because there are so many unrelated projects with the same name, some of which have a very similar audience. Or both, just to be sure :)

@happybeing I've been looking into #RDF and #LinkedData again after a long phase of abstinence. I'm just trying to figure out what's really left from the much-hyped #SemanticWeb and which parts can be useful.

@schmidt_fu I'm still trying to figure out out myself, but I hope it can be put to good use.

@happybeing I happened to stumble upon the "Delightful Linked Data" list that @humanetech is building. It looks that there are some gems to be found.

@schmidt_fu thank you. The list just got started.I hope to add more gems, and others will know about it and PR. The whole #delightful project is a long-running thing.


@happybeing Late feedback: I managed to get a #Trelllis #LDP server running. There are many configuration options, but it seems to be a pretty light-weight and robust piece of software (first glance). :-)
I also found sparql-client on PyPI, but it doesn't seem up to date with Python 3.8 :-/

me too!!!! wonder if you've found anything interesting :)

@jonny I'm not as far into the technology as I intended to. But I have found the "Open Research Knowledge Graph" and a research group on that, among other projects of Professor Sören Auer
The video is also a good overview of todays semantic technology and may be a good starting point.

@happybeing @jonny @schmidt_fu I don't share much of LD here because it doesn't feel like it would fit. I read that should change?

@happybeing Hi!

I am very much into Linked Data. I think RDF is an excellent data model for decentralized and open-world applications...even for post-Web applications and networks.

I've been tinkering with a couple of things in that direction. For example how to make RDF content-addressable (


And I am also sad that nobody of SOLID / Inrupt was attending the 2 conferences we had.
I invited them to 3 events now – and yes, I will try a 4th time.

Enthusiasm for ActivityPub is awesome.
42 videos, some more to come

cc @rubenverborgh

@happybeing For me that Solid/RDF stuff is just too abstract.
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