Back to decentralising github, it seems someone has a good active project well underway: git-bug

Lots to like, and active 🎉 . My opportunities for writing code keep shrinking which is a good thing!

Any git-bug'ers [cough] around? 😂

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Oh, this is cool! I've always thought that it made no sense to take a ln elegant distributed protocol like git and wrap it in a centralized issue tracker.

@happybeing I see it was a good tip, ha ha. Happy to see. I found this a very exciting project myself.. found at HN at the time.

@happybeing Am I wrong, however, or do you still need an account on a corporate, centralised site (github/gitlab) for this "decentralised" bug-tracker ? I, however, am waiting for a truly decentralised git to which projects like this one are much closer:

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