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Who wants a decentralised github?

No servers or self hosting, no third parties.

Written in Rust!

Let us know what you'd like:

Businesses should be required to give people choice rather than manipulate or impose their will.

Above all, there should be a duty of care to humanity and the community before profit and shareholders.

Business that fail to do so should become publicly owned, assets forfeit.

When my lady searches for "dursley running club" the top result is about bondage and sex toys.

When I search for "dursley running club" all I get is sporty stuff.

Should I be concerned or grateful?

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Forget distributed ledgers or decentralised accounts. Digital Bearer Certificates are truly anonymous, and can be stored anywhere and can be transacted offline. 

Owner can check validity of DBC with Safe Network mint.

Only owner knows content (anything really), such as an amount of Safe Network Tokens.

Owner can split a DBC to issue new ones with new owners - offline.

This is electronic cash with the network only acting to validate, not transact.

Anonymous, scalable, efficient electronic cash - a first.

Ransomware is randomly pushing businesses and services off a cliff while selling expensive parachutes.

Business and the computer industry have let us down, but there are people who foresaw this and have been building alternatives for over a decade:

Join the next testnet (v7) planned for August or September.

Batshit mass coming to UK: "That’s the danger if the government follows through on its wonky idea that — on the Internet — ‘safety’ means security must be replaced with blanket surveillance in order to ‘keep kids safe’." (Cleaned link):

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Biometrics has became a key tool of war.

Our lastest case-studies show that the use of biometrics in the name of counter-terrorism creates risks for whole populations, particularly vulnerable people who have little access to legal redress.

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over a twelve hundred indie games for $5 and the proceeds go to help the palestinians

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Holy shit they added a lot more games to the bundle for Palestinian Aid, including Celeste and Baba is You. >1000 games, $5. If you want it but can't buy it, DM me. There's less than 12 hours left

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When you have to advertise "privacy protection" as a feature in your product, you know that there is something wrong with our society.

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I propose 3 laws that will solve all issues we all have with corporations

A corporation may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

A corporation must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

A corporation must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

What if were truly decentralised, energy efficient, scalable, had zero fee instant transactions and completely anonymous?

And any other for that matter. It's happening using Digital Bearer Certificates on a truly decentralised SN:

Just gobsmacked myself again with what will be able to do.

By minting a DBC, or any other can be made instant, scalable, fee-less, energy efficient and anonymous.

And it's easy to implement! My thoughts:

Bitcoin becomes legal tender in :

Twitter Translation:
With 62 votes, the legislative plenary session approves the with which El Salvador adopts the as legal currency.

keep making history!

Most Popular TV series in your house?

I'll start...

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Today’s Fastly outage was a good reminder for the internet: decentralization is good, and redundancy is good. Centralization means more things stops working all at once.

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