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Who wants a decentralised github?

No servers or self hosting, no third parties.

Written in Rust!

Let us know what you'd like:

Fascinating update this week announcing Safe Labs and explaining how Node Age protects against Sybil attacks.

A digital cash Big Bang is coming, on : "Once the network launches for real, the genesis DBC will be reissued and subdivided and spread across the firmament. The best mechanism for this distribution is what we’re looking into now."

A unique situation, weeks of Russian soldiers living with a devastated Ukrainian family opened their eyes and gives us all insight and hope:

"Irina seemed to believe that all she had done was survive, but she & her family had done far more. Zelensky... and the Horbonoses, through their remarkable dialogue with their Russian enemies, had shown us how this war could actually end" by

Musk didn't buy Twitter he bought us: our attention, data, thoughts, fears, interests, allegiances, connections, private messages and..

..more importantly he bought the ability to inspect and control all of that.

He paid about $200 for each of us.

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Safe Network takes a big step towards: "Membership has now been integrated into the Safe Network. This is the culmination of an epic slog by the whole team and it represents a major milestone" 👏

And a new era for Digital Bearer Certificates explained:

Tory government turns a proud, diverse, prosperous Britain into a petty third world, asset stripped kleptocracy.

> Women in England’s poorest areas die younger than in most OECD countries

A good start to the day, a young sculler, her coach and a handful of boaters saved a deer from drowning in the canal.

Weasel words, misdirection and plain wrong statements suggest there's more to the Sunak's tax affairs than we know. Yet Sunak is in charge of the tax system and wants to be Prime Minister!

Sunak and Murty held US green cards while he was chancellor

We're debating ways that Safe Network can reward creativity without the burden and downsides of having to use walled gardens, advertising, gatekeepers and other problematic business models.

Like to earn from your creativity (writing, music, code etc)?

This morning I fantasised about driving my car to and donating it before flying back. Obviously this was daft: wrong hand drive and they don't want old British cars I told myself..

> Why second-hand British cars end up on Ukraine’s frontline

Current status: uploading data to Safe Network community test network while my node is waiting to join. You can too, no special hardware required. See here for how:

Boat in dry dock so staying in my house for the first time in eight years. The dog is getting used to doors and we have no telly, but the central heating controller has stepped in to keep me entertained.

[traditional tweet]

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So somebody 🤔 poisoned the Ukrainian negotiator and an intermediary during the first meeting with Russian negotiators.

Any ideas?

Delivering such poison without poisoning yourself is risky, so we have to suspect Abramovich due to his close association with Putin.

happybeing boosted can install them into a separate, isolated profile. When you need to use those apps, in three seconds switch to that profile, do what you have to do in there and then switch back to your F-Droid environment.


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