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Who wants a decentralised github?

No servers or self hosting, no third parties.

Written in Rust!

Let us know what you'd like:

Cuffed with progress today. I have a mixin for es-git so I can provide the fs, and this is already working with wasmer/@WasmFS, creating test repos which are wired up to the Gift Portal UI showing committed and browsing the repo folders. Amazing 🎉

And I read up about git too 😉

Me: Probably time I read up again about how git works.

Also me: Coooooodddeee!

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‘Millions of people’s data is at risk’ — Amazon insiders sound alarm over security

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Three reasons why pi-charts are never a good option:

1 Humans cannot estimate surface area circle area is even worse
2 Pies cannot be compared against eachother.
3 Growth and other curves are lost.
-1 negative or 0 values?

More here:

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I don't want websites and the companies that own them to manipulate me into staying longer. I don't want them actively attempting to exploit weaknesses in my brain. I don't want to be controlled.

I just want to have interests. And I just want to live a humble life. And I want to make sure that those around me are happy and healthy.

This "value"-hungry network of companies have to be stopped.

Vaccinated! 🎉

First dose, thank you NHS, vaccination volunteers and everyone who has worked to help vaccinate the world population.

Everything was friendly, efficient and completely painless. I was checked in and vaccinated within 10 mins of parking up. No soreness or any other effects so far.

Good job they time shifted the cricket 🏏 so we could watch from the start... England four wickets down in the first session 😩

Good progress getting to know es-git today and integrating it into Git Portal Prototype.

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I'm looking for examples using es-git (have some for js-git).

Aim: implement some test functionality on top of es-git prior to making a module to use it with wasmFS

"Buypassing" reputation systems corrodes governance.

Having only recently become a contributor of, and maintainer in pull request discussions I was surprised how hard this kind of collaboration can be.

It seems I'm not alone! So I wrote about the difficulties both as maintainer and contributor, when starting to handle pull requests:

Observation: on my Android tablet, Mastodon is always slow, and often close to unusably slow redrawing or scrolling my timeline.

I use the Twitter web interface without those probs.

PS great that I no longer lose my compose editor content if I accidentally swipe.

The evil plan to destroy both:

> XSLT now supports JSON

Hoorah! 😈

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Facial recognition already stands against fundamental rights and values, but that isn't stopping people - it's time the EU made the law clear and banned biometric mass surveillance

Join us: #Reclaimyourface

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Can we please stop using Discord for Free software and open source projects, thanks!

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