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Who wants a decentralised github?

No servers or self hosting, no third parties.

Written in Rust!

Let us know what you'd like:

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Svelte: It's not rocket science

React: But it can be if we try

Current task: merging trivial Golang/wasm and Svelte apps.

Task suspended pending food, lolling about and sleep!

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Fibonachos (I went to way too much trouble setting up this joke).

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One big advantage about this new #peertube search website is that videos can be viewed directly on the site without the need to go to the original instance.

This is great, since you watch and view on one site instead of being presented with everything form the original instance. This goes a long way to filtering out the noise, and inappropriate content. While at the same time giving non-technical users a one stop frontend to all peertube content, like youtube does.

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Supplies replenished, engine checks complete. It must be time for a month of code!

Be cool if I could have a proof of concept done in that time: view remote repository, view and create issues and comments all in the browser - no server - a fully .

I'm not fast thought so don't hold your breath, especially as I am completely new to and !

I've had little response and no help for my git portal project via my Twitter account.

On I've had about ten useful suggestions, lots of interest and support, and doubled my followers.

I thought my Twitter following was good quality - it is, but so little engagement even with > 2k followers!

Next code thing: poking around some Go packages to figure out if I can use go-billy with go-git and git-bug to create an app that can work on any filesystem, and then how to compile it all to Web Assembly so it can run entirely in the browser as a ==> decentralised Git portal see:

I need to update this diagram!

How to interview for technical roles: don't be rigid.

The best interview I experienced was for my dream job. My qualifications were good but not in the area I was being interviewed for. I had though done stuff on my own, learning to design and build micro electronics.

The dept manager said: I'm not interested in what you don't know but what you know, and if he asked me something I couldn't answer we just moved onto something I could. It was superb, I spent a decade there building cool stuff. It made me!

Played with the idea of switching to gnome-terminal the other day and was about to do it until I realised there's a feature of terminator I'm not willing to do without (and not going to try to fix in g-t): different colour scheme for the terminal with focus.

So I tweaked my terminator colours to the slightly nicer defaults in g-t.

Well that worked better than expected.

I got github to free up the username 'happybeing' so I could have it (it had been dormant six years) and here I am:

How? I contacted support via the link at the bottom of the page and asked! A few hours later I got an email saying it's done, go for it.

Now to continue building a to replace 😸

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When a corporation serves you content, they make sure to protect it with DRM so that you cannot make a copy it. It is serious enough that you go to prison for breaking DRM and violating DMCA.

But when surveillance capitalists want to put a price on your data and commodify it, they never talk about how many copies they're going to make of it, the number of times it is resold, all the purposes they're going to use it for and the retention period.


#DRM #DMCA #SurveillanceCapitalism

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@davidoclubb imagine a world without advertising. Where people choose based on reports from trusted friends, and where products have to satisfy and impress actual users of them to earn recommendation, rather than depend on the power of money spent making deceitful promises.

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“Google employees personal info exposed in law firm data breach”


If you’re part of a law firm which isn’t sure where to start with #cybersecurity, take a look at

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Remember kids:

"[Microsoft] GitHub has the right to suspend or terminate your access to all or any part of the Website at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately. GitHub reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time."

Also, can we make a point of always calling it Microsoft #GitHub from now on please? Thanks.


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Not sure if anyone posted this yet, but the youtube-dl takedown also screwed over journalists who relied on it for archival and analysis purposes:

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