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♲ Friendica 2019.01 released
We are pleased to announce the availability of Friendica The Tazmans Flax-lily 2019.01, which bundles up our work since September 2018. This includes over 130 fixed issues and some exciting new features. If you are interested in all of them, please have a look at the file.

Most noteworthy of these changes are:

Friendica does now natively support ActivityPub (AP in addition to the DFRN, diaspora* and OStatus protocols. The AP functionality was tested with Hubzilla, Mastodon, Nextcloud Social, Osada, PeerTube, Pixelfed and Pleroma.
The configuration structure has changed again! Your old .htconfig.php and config/local.ini.php file will still work, but you will get a notification in the admin panel with some hopefully explaining text on how to convert your settings to the new config/local.config.php config file.
The manual and automatic installation process was enhanced.

Thanks everyone who has made this release possible. Your work is much appreciated!

Please note, that this will be the last version of Friendica supporting PHP 5.6.

How to Update

If you are updating from an older version then the 2018.09 release, please first update your Friendica instance to that version as there were several important changes in that version.

Please further note, that since Friendica 3.6 we use composer for dependency management. If you are updating via git, you have to remember to update the dependencies as well.

Pre-Update Procedures

Ensure that the last backup of your Friendica installation was done recently. While testing, we did not encounter problems, but better save than sorry.

Using the Archive files

If you had downloaded the source files in an archive file (zip or tar.gz) please download the current version of the archive from GitHub ( and friendica-addons-2019.01.tar.gz and unpack it on your local computer.

As many files got deleted or moved around, please upload the unpacked files to a new directory on your server (say friendica_new) and copy over your existing configuration and .htaccess files. Afterwards rename your current Friendica directory (e.g. friendica) to friendica_old and friendica_new to friendica.

The files of the dependencies are included in the archive (make sure you are using the friendica-full-2019.01 archive), so you don’t have to worry about them.

Please be aware of the changes in the configuration format. You should follow the instructions linked from your admin panel as soon as possible to move your configuration to the new location.

Using git

Updating from the git repositories should only involve a pull from the Friendica core repository and addons repository. Remember to also update the dependencies with composer.
cd friendica
git pull
bin/composer.phar install
cd addon
git pull
If you want to switch the branch (e.g. if you helped testing the RC code) please do so after the pull using git checkout.

How to Contribute?

If you want to contribute to the project, you don’t need to have coding experience. There are a number of tasks listed in the issue tracker with the label “Junior Jobs” we think are good for new contributors. But you are by no means limited to these – if you find a solution to a problem (even a new one) please make a pull request at or let us know in the development forum

Contribution to Friendica is also not limited to coding. Any contribution to the documentation, the translation or advertisement materials is welcome or reporting a problem. You don’t need to deal with git(hub) or Transifex if you don’t like to. Just get in touch with us and we will get the materials to the appropriate places.

Thanks again everyone who helped making this release possible and have fun!…
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Just put in my membership request to #FENEAS (Federated Network Association)

My hope is that we might be able to do great work together, given some of my own goals with projects like #WeDistribute and #VidCommons probably align with their own initiatives.
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Hey fediverse admins, have you made sure your instance is being counted by ? I love being able to respond with that stats site URL when people say "nobody uses federated social networks" elsewhere on the web :) It now counts nodes running any one of 36 server apps, across 9 federation protocols, including #OStatus, and #ActivityPub, reporting about 2 1/2 million users.

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Today I learned:

`/usr` stands for “universal system resources” not “user”

`/dev` stands for “device” not “development”

Had no idea.


Refuse to provide clicks but and the rest of the seem to be the exact opposite of crumbling to me.

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Let it be known that today I finally got the go-fed-tool to not just generate , but any extension that builds on ActivityStreams, and recursively on top of extensions.

Last major things to do before I work on the "pub" side of go-fed/activity:
- Resolver, PredicateResolver
- Managing `context` strings
- Migrate unit tests to new code generated stuff

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non-programmers are an important part of open source projects. non-programmer contributions are valid and useful and not second tier or otherwise less valuable.

it's easy to say programmers are the only value-add when you're fortunate enough to have enough non-programmers that you can take them for granted.

if you take away the feature requests, translations, and general chatter - many OSS projects would have never been more than flawed, narrow use case tech demos.

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"Gosh, how can free software projects get funded?" A complicated question, but in this @librelounge episode we take a crack at answering it!

Part one of two!

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#UNICEF wants to invest in #FreeSoftware "The Fund provides investment-style funding for early-stage, #OpenSource technology solutions that address the most pressing challenges faced by children and young people", further "UNICEF requires that all code, content or hardware developed and tested be open source and be publicly available."... Great initiative!

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An interesting look back at the early days of social media & how conventions of blogs, likes, comments, followers etc. evolved. It's a round table discussion with people who built and ran LiveJournal, Diaryland and Open Diary in the late 1990s.

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My #fediverse ( #diaspora #mastodon #pixelfed ) running on the BeOS inspired alt-OS Haiku :) #computer #geek
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This is technically the first Mac to ship with an x86 processor, although it was just a kit made for developers.

...and I understand tempers can flare, people can be worn out, people can ask seemingly silly or repetive questions, and people can in teh moment respond too flippantly etc. That's the point where you apologize not brag about such behavior though. Treating people like shit because it looks cool when you see renditions of it by Jobs, Torvalds, Musk, etc. is sadly perpetuating really corrosive behaviors which don't help at all. You aren't being witty or brilliant you are just being a jerk.

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