My swag package arrived in less than a week. Balmy weather means taking the hoodie out for a spin at dinner tonight :D

This is definitely the “why I live in Florida weather” part of the year. Might as well go visit the mouse. :)

I'm a sucker for one liners like this :). That said if you **know** you can't do it, don't just do it and try to make the best of it. This is about getting out of your own way not engaging in a suicide mission out of ego. A project looks like it's pushing your boundaries and isn't a slam dunk? Yes do it. Someone asks you to perform brain surgery because you stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night? Pass.

Just to see if I could…the full Diaspora stack hosted on a Raspberry Pi 3+ (technically less RAM than minimum configuration). I call it the “Diaspberry Pi” :). Surprisingly snappy…blog post with details later…

@selfcare tip of the day is to read a poem. This Computer geek Haiku came to mind so enjoy :)

A reproduction of the iconic NeXT product poster from 1988 has arrived courtesy of Janez Starc @slomacuser on Twitter. It looks perfect! Had to take a picture of it right away. If he’s producing more of them I’d highly recommend getting one.

Look at Discourse calling me out like that…it doesn’t even know me yet! haha

I saw this on a comment thread on open source project interaction with community members (and vice versa). I’d say it nails it!

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