You know what, I don’t care if you’re part of CCC, I don’t care if every one of your friends is CCC, I don’t care if you founded CCC: if your knee-jerk reaction to my calling them out for hosting a Google keynote and whitewashing them by associating their name with them is to tone police me and tell me how disappointed you are in me and to tell me to apologise to them, you can go fuck yourself too.

Loyalty to people is how we got into this mess. Maybe try loyalty to ideals instead.

@aral In this specific case: it's a video from 2010 (ok, it was added yesterday) when google was still somewhat different (in my opinion). Also: this is coverage of a conference, wouldn't it make more sense to take this up with the conference organizers?

@amenthes @aral 2010 was a different time, when I think Google was still supporting open standards and regarded as a big success for open source. Attitudes towards Google have changed. At that time the biggest complaints against them were their use of GPL, such that they didn't provide source for the services they ran. They remain hostile to AGPL now.

@bob @amenthes @aral I’m not sure if Google or 2010 is what we remember either but the point is totally on point either way.

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