Facebook is rolling messaging between WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook messenger into one.

While Facebook claims that they will remain the encryption on the messages we don't know anything about profiles, contact lists and access.

Is this a good time to start moving to another service? I mostly use iMessage and Telegram but most of my contacts still use WhatsApp as default, what's your case?

@javi I'm trying to get people off of it onto Matrix and Wire but not having much luck :(

@hankg Having tried Matrix or Wire myself, how are they like? I've used Telegram and Signal as an alternative to iMessage and WhatsApp.

@javi I really like both. For non-tech types that ask me which to use I usually say Wire. Matrix is a bit of a bridge too far for your average person right now. Although I recommend they give both a try.

@hankg Downloaded Wire so far, looks pretty good! Not a single of my contacts it’s on it, let’s see who I can convince. Have you tried it’s video conference capabilities?


@javi I haven't tried the video or the message expiration features. I haven't gotten too many converts either :(

@hankg Will try and get family and friends in and report back to see if it’s only a good replacement for Skype and video conference!

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