@deadsuperhero it wouldn’t surprise me if something like that didn’t pop here, on diaspora, or pixelfed

@hankg Maybe even PeerTube? 😛

I don't really see this as a bad thing at all, actually. As long as the newcomers can learn relatively quickly to properly CW their content.

@deadsuperhero I’d be worried about overloading servers but that would be a thing we’d have to address eventually hopefully anyway so...

@hankg One of my main reasons for participating in fediverse development is to eventually produce (or support, if somebody beats me to it) a federated #tumblr alternative. Tumblr has been on life support for quite a while now.

I do wonder how this will impact their bottom line, as I'm sure a BIG percentage of their bandwidth and storage expenditure is on porn, and users fapscrolling probably click on ads even less than average.


@deutrino @deadsuperhero Yeah when you thin your userbase by a factor of 10 your infrastructure requirements definitely plummet too.

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