I saw this on a comment thread on open source project interaction with community members (and vice versa). I’d say it nails it!

@Shamar @hankg Nah, not enough buzzwords. The infographic is worth existing just for the virtue of Humility. Arguably, Humility is what makes the other four possible.

@BadMinotaur @hankg

I totally agree on this.

#Humility, for a #hacker, is a consequence of #Curiosity: you can't learn anything if you are afraid of being ignorant and wrong.

But these "compassionate" values are just ways to keep programmers focused on producing value for the (leaders of the) projects they contribute.

See how #IntellectualHonesty is NOT listed? It's still an expression of humility, but it fosters deep dialogues, political reflections and so on...
All they want is your code.

@Shamar @BadMinotaur I don't see anything remotely close to "focus on product value" in these. I read these on how to be a better team member and interact well with others in a group environment. Applicable to development and open source obviously. Could apply to commercial too I suppose, but think about these with a weekend sports league and it still applies, etc.

@hankg @BadMinotaur

I didn't say "Fuck HUMILITY, EGO rulez!". Who could sustain such an argument?

Such infographic has low value because it doesn't challenge people: just like an ode to motherhood, everybody will agree (count your boosts) without even thinking about what is missing there.

If I raise concern about how a project I contributed to could be used, is it EGO?
Should I just stay "humble", shut down and work for free?

#Humility is a core value for me.
But it's a NSFW humility.

@Shamar @BadMinotaur I don't think bringing up concerns is automatically an ego move. It can be but isn't automatically.

I think this can have high value and can in fact challenge people. It's like a mantra. When you are about to act in a certain way when something happens you can look at it and say "is this aligning with this"

@Shamar @BadMinotaur ...of course as you highlighted it could also be abused too to discourage discussion, etc. in a way that would be prima facie opposite what it is capturing too, ironically :)

@Shamar Not sure what you mean by that but as @BadMinotaur said, it seems like it's applicable to pretty much any group activity.

The "Every Year is a Kindergarten" Post.
How about the "Author the process, so the reader can progress?"
You don't make much drilling the unteachable. But making the documentation so others can continue, now that's forever.
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