Very annoyed I can't seem to make rust understand it can use this immutable memory as immutable memory with a slightly different name

Looking forward to remembering how to work from home.

It's finally the Year Of Linux On The Desktop, as evidenced as by the ability of video conferencing to be every bit as horrible as it is everywhere else.

🎵Country roads, take my bones
to the place, that demands bones
West Virginia..

You, ffmpeg contributor, dolt: This community is pretty toxic

Me, ffmpeg contributor, genius: Clearly the problem is IRC

Opera singers dubbed with dial up modems are gonna be big this summer

Thinking about writing a GitHub bot that occasionally posts on issues, just to fight the asshole auto-close bots.

if student debt cancellation happened after i paid off my student loans, i would be happy, because im not a fucking shithead who demands that the entire world revolve around me and i can be happy for other people getting a fair deal

Some people, when faced with a problem, think “I know, I'll use computer” Now they have gone and done it.

This Theranos doc is all the evidence we need to fucking shred the VC ecosystem

I unaplogetically love these examples of people immediately doubling down on complete bullshit and then getting red and mad.

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This thread has descended into shitflinging not seen this side of the ffmpeg mailing list, and I'm loving it!topi

Having to ask a human for the WiFi password is violence

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