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A "podcast" behind a paywall is not a podcast.

A "podcast" that only one app can receive is not a podcast.

A "podcast" without a public feed that can be freely pulled into any podcast client or RSS reader is not a damn podcast, don't let people get away with calling it that.

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I've been spending a bit of time listening and reading on the minimalism topic. I seem to be heading towards it myself, though not in every way perhaps.

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Your security and privacy are only as strong as your root of trust. If you cannot trust your own device and its operating system to not violate your privacy and to only act as expressly instructed by you and, furthermore, only in your interests, then any “security” or “privacy” you layer on top of that broken root of trust is simply security/privacy theatre.

Either something is private by default or it is not private. Either your privacy is sacrosanct or it is not.


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Schneier on apple's backdoor:

It opens the door for all sorts of other surveillance, since now that the system is built it can be used for all sorts of other messages.

And it breaks end-to-end encryption.


@joeyh A buddy gave me his toaster oven. It's second hand but in decent shape. I started looking on line and everything there is warning me not to use it reheat things like frozen lasagna, that the heat is uneven, etc. The sites I find seem to offer more caution than anything good. Can you suggest good uses for me? Or a good website perhaps?

@emartin I have said this to myself for soooo long *looks at piles of books "to read"*

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“Anytime someone puts a lock on something that belongs to you, and won’t give you a key, they’re not doing it for your benefit” -- Doctorow's First Law

The erosion of personal ownership

I wish I had written this article myself. A must read!

via @yogthos

#DRM #digital #ownership #Doctorow #IoT #neoFeudalism #bigTech #unauthorizedBread

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using a modern computer on the internet is like you've got this amazing studio workshop library full of tools and stuff, workbench space all over the place, and you're gonna put it all to use any minute now - except you just can't stop staring out out one dingy window at these people screaming at each other in the street


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I don't have a garden, and don't really compost, but I do throw much of my organic "waste" (leaves, vegetables that never got cooked, leftovers, etc) onto a pile in my back yard


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I never knew that compost gave off heat, That's cool. Well, I guess it's warm.

@emacsen I sometimes pronounce the word route one way, and sometimes another. Usually as ROOT, less often ROWT. Never realized this until now.

The radio will run, but sometimes no sound will come on, other times it will and later just stops. Sometimes turning the knob a bit will help, but not always. A lot of times it runs fine.
Any thoughts on if the volume issue is any easy fix? Should I just let it be? Would you know what the radio is worth? As far as what it's worth, I'm just curious and really don't want to part with it.

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