Oddly, I got a craving for blueberry pie. Remembering that I had a jar of blueberry spread, I tried it on a piece of toast. Not as good as pie, but not horrible.

..I had to open it up, as I was sure there was an old battery in it and likely corroded. To my surprise there was only light corrosion on the bottom of the battery. The equipment was fine! I likely paid nothing for that battery as in the day the Battery Of The Month Club let you get a battery free each month

Came across an old piece of testing equipment while cleaning, a transistor checker

This is an Admiral AM/FM solid state, radio plugs into a standard outlet. The backing says that the company was in Chicago and that the radio was made in Japan. I think it goes back at least to the 1970's, but I don't know its precise age.

My sister was kind enough to give me fresh tomatoes and peppers from her garden. Guess it's an omelette for lunch!

For the rockhounds out there, Golden Beryl from Strickland Quarry, Portland, CT (a closed locality):

I wonder if people on Mastodon are a bad influence....just wondering.

Leftovers heated up well in the toaster oven: Haddock, scallops, clam strips, onion rings, french fries. All fried, but not greasy. Not as good as first served, but still tasty

I thought of @NYbill today because I had a Harbor Freight Store coupon for free multimeter with and purchase. I bought wire brushes for $1.99

Sugar Cookies complete with Younger Futhar Runes, and a couple shields

Well, my first picture post here.

Guess what I am trying tonight?



The Radio Shack books that I was able to find at my house. They originally sold from 95 cents to a dollar twenty five


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