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Urgh!! Just been asked to be a contributing writer for a tech site and when I asked about payment, there isn't any.
Freelancers: Please be upfront and ask for payment. Sure it might be scary to ask, but do it! Don't work for exposure, we can't pay bills with exposure :(

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Anyone have suggestions for best things to use for and ?

So it's if I have to wear an eye patch, I will insist on two parrots to sit on my shoulders, and they will look rather dark.

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And the best teachers are those with the confidence to *not* be the subject authority... they're the ones with the chutzpah to learn alongside their learners, and show them that learning in a digital age is its own set of skills...

My sister was kind enough to give me fresh tomatoes and peppers from her garden. Guess it's an omelette for lunch!

For the rockhounds out there, Golden Beryl from Strickland Quarry, Portland, CT (a closed locality):

I'd Like to try Cadbury Flakes. A type of chocolate. Can anyone guide me as to best way to get it in northeast USA?

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I have a total of ten laps tops that I've stowed away to try and fire up that were being disposed of. Time to use them, find them a home, or return them to their original destination.

Why is that crazy guy turning in circles out in the rain and staring at his fingers? People who know me well wouldn't even bat an eyelash. Sunstone experiment.

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@hammerron I don't think there is a way to stop the arrival of new toots but what you can do is scroll down (even just a small bit) and then at least the new toots don't push the old one's out of the way. You could also temporarily set your browser to 'offline' which will stop new toots but has the drawback that any unloaded pictures will not load.

When I look at the Federated Timeline from Mastodon on my browser. It updates rapidly, so I have a hard time reading it. Is there a way to slow or halt it?

I wonder if people on Mastodon are a bad influence....just wondering.

Baby: Hi. My name is Baby
Support Group: Hi Baby!
Baby: My name is Baby and I'm an addict

Leftovers heated up well in the toaster oven: Haddock, scallops, clam strips, onion rings, french fries. All fried, but not greasy. Not as good as first served, but still tasty

I've recently gotten 3 email notifications of people following me on Mastodon. Oddly, when I sign in, I do not see these under the Notifications column. I'v also looked at the profiles and do not see that are following me, though that part is confusing: One view simultaneous says they follow no one (I see none) and above this it states they follow 6.5k. Wondering if it's bot bait of some kind?

So I give my cat both dry and canned food as usual. I start cooking myself pasta and she's intensely asking for some. I hesitated and gave her a little. She likes it and wanted more. Maybe next time, not sure how well she'd handle more.

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The Ubuntu Podcast team, past and present, at our first ever listener get together. Celebrating 12 years of Ubuntu Podcast πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽŠ #WimpysWorld wimpysworld.io/2TX9m3O

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