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한국인 - 무슨 한국 음악 들어요? 권고 찿고 있어요.

Thank god the entire industry hasn't decided to revolve around Blink/Chromium for 95% of the web's browser traffic, or else Google would have an unlimited ability to push forward whatever bullshit standard they wanted.

Wait hold on, my producer is telling me something [places finger on my ear piece]

Oh no.

cognitohazard - catchy music 

Quality of life: In Firefox, head on down to about:preferences#privacy, then hit 'Settings' for notifications.

Here, you can "Block new requests asking to allow notifications". It's perfect for annoying landing pages that ask for notifications *immediately*.

What should I do with the domain ''? It's a pretty good 'I see you' joke but at the moment I can't think of anything

when you call your distribution 'arch linux' but only support the x86_64 architecture

i'm having a weird issue with lineageOS

when i get phone calls, my phone vibrates but doesn't let me answer the call, and if i open the phone app it just freezes on a white screen

does anyone know how to fix this or what the cause is? it's a samsung galaxy S9+

Oh I deleted my gmail account, I’m trying this new thing called email. It’s like gmail but federated.

Fun fact: The following does not compile in Python 2.7:

#!/usr/bin/env python2
print("Hellö world!")

Python 2 has its EOL in January 2020, but I believe, in a moral sense, that it should have been EOLed as soon as Py3k was released.

It is my girlfriend's birthday today.

Do boosts work like this? If so, can I get some?

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