git pro tip:

Add the following lines to ~/.gitignore_global instead of keeping it in a separate .gitignore per project:


Can you come up with more globally sensible extensions to add? Add them to this thread!

ukpol; general election 

okay, we tried reform. Looking at these polls, maybe we should do the other one.

सच्चा पर्यावरण प्रेमी।

sensory sensitivity housework pro tip 

hate touching gross stuff? dust bunnies, kitchen gunk on either the cooking or cleaning end, bathrooms, pets, pet bathrooms?

yeah me too.

a lot.

like worst case i'll avoid it for a day or two and hope my roommate gets to the stuff soaking in the sink first.

disposable latex or nitrile gloves are great.

took me a while to notice that they're good for more than just keeping toxic/corrosive stuff off skin, but they damp down texture enough to be perfect for a lot of otherwise unbearable things, and there are even long ones for working with liquid.

been making my life easier this year. hope this helps.

science tip: "et al" is pronounced "and friends"

Due to issues with:

- drag-and-drop
- Korean input
- IntelliJ IDEA having weird focus issues

I'm moving back to bspwm from sway. Sad days.

I look forward to Wayland, and I'll miss the screen tearing-free experience.

[extremely rationalist voice] Why isn't there an international WOMEN's day???????

say what you want about git, but lets all count our blessings that the most popular version control software isn't some microsoft office style windows-only trash heap that has extremely limited command line functionality

Tired: "We've made the decision to stop all political advertising on Twitter globally."

Wired: not having ads in the first place

#DeleteTwitter #JoinFediverse

tsc: typescript-to-javascript transpiler
go fmt: go-to-go cispiler

UK media transphobia 

Or maybe you could just stitch a pink triangle to our clothes, that'd work too

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