Gonna stick a Pi Zero, a solar panel, and an e-ink display up in an old netbook chassis and see if I can make the most eco-friendly Linux laptop possible.

What are some good mobile turn-based strategy games that are simple, not flashy, and not gimmicky? I'm thinking like a cross between Achikaps and Advance Wars.

The LG G7 is a pretty good phone, 1 week in.

That being said, the default keyboard is terrible and it still has FB and Twitter apps built-in but those are quick fixes. I've yet to play around with the camera feature set but the pics I've taken on auto have been pretty fantastic.

Drove through a Tornado Warning area this morning, and thought my car was about to transform into an airborne piece of debris at any second. That'll teach me about not checking the weather before I embark on a long commute!

Also I'd like to thank the driver who was going 15-30mph through the whole hell-zone. I just tucked right behind that guy and followed his tail lights through the dark, windy night. Always nice to have road buddies like that in hairy driving situations.

And don't let splitting the vote even enter your mind. Voting out of fear has created the problems that are most pressing in our politics today, from the overarching regulatory state to the 21 trillion dollar debt hanging over this new generation's heads. Don't be a part of it - vote Liberty!

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This Halloween, don't be spooked. Look for the Liberty candidates on the ballot in your area, ask then the hard questions, and on November 6 (or earlier if possible), vote for the best candidate and without fear!

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Jim Henson made commercials for Wilkins instant coffee before inventing the Muppets and Sesame Street, and they all involve a proto-kermit doing an uncomfortable amount of murder

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Had to run around Meridian today getting paperwork done to get utilities turned on at my new place. Really glad I don't work in county government, because if I did, I think I'd shoot myself. Never been in a more depressing place than a county gov't office. Also, why does the EMEPA office smell like an old folks' home?

The thing that irks me most about twitter is the way it does notifications. I log in and see 9 notifications and get excited, but they're all "you missed this tweet" or "these friends of yours like this other person's tweet" - not notifications at all. No surprise that people are jumping ship.

It's midnight on thursday night and I'm starting my 4-day weekend by studying up on (Database Administration for Programmers) and listening to Depression Cherry by Beach House. And it's honestly pretty comfy.

John Kerry is on SXM POTUS sounding like he's getting ready to run for something. What year is it?

I made the grave mistake of following a bulk list of 'people in FOSS' accounts and now my timeline's 40% FOSS news and 60% Tumblr-esque left-wing social commentary. I'll be more careful next time haha

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Thinking some today about how one would make decentralized social networks profitable. How could we not only offset operating costs for people to host instances, but incentivize people and corporations to do so as well?

It would be nice to have a decentralized music streaming service that let you not only stream, but "sync" music to your devices - hosting those songs as well. Like Spotify, but peer-to-peer. We got anything like that?

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At some point recently, DuckDuckGo stopped lazily loading / infinitely scrolling search results, instead opting for a "More Results" button at the bottom of every page.


Infinite scrolling is a dark-ish pattern meant to make you lose track of time and context, improving "engagement" with the website. None of those are things an ethical, user-centered website should insist on.

And a society that goes down the path of condemning citizens as criminals based on allegations, and proceeds to ruin lives and careers without waiting for due process is a society of mob rule. Folks, a divided society without due process is a doomed one. Western Society cannot stand without due process. We rose above mob rule after we conquered the western US and ended segregation in the South. Do we really want to go back to it?

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