I wonder when people go uncommunicative about something if they're mad about what I said or just thinking about it. Or just moved on. God I hate over-thinking everything.

So has anyone ever gotten to work with a wifi adapter? I struggled for like six hours and never came close.

Thoughts on eslint? We have warnings polluting our build logs, but nobody seems interested in cleaning those up.

So, I wrote a unit test, and it caught an actual problem with my code, not just a problem with the unit test.

Officially abandoned my Pixel 2 in favour of my old iPhone 6s. In addition to being able to sell the Pixel2 for multiple hundreds of dollars, I just enjoyed the experience on the iPhone a lot more.

I'm falling behind my word-count. Like the chances of me finishing on time are almost none, but the story I'm writing is engaging and I'm enjoying writing it. So I'm having a hard time seeing this as anything but a win.

I'd send an angry electronic message, but someone is on the phone, so I can't connect to the Inter net

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I could just drive down and complain considering gas is only 39 cents per litre

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I want to call and complain but I keep getting a busy signal.

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Got a phone book in the mail today. Shade of 1987!

Kicking around a vuepress site on github pages. Can't beat the price of free.

You know what I get unironic joy from? Email newsletters. I'm signed up to three or four: Massdrop, goodreads, a word-of-the-day one, and Tor publishing. And I really do enjoy them, even if most of them are just trying to sell me something.

I always feel more accomplished when I finish a task at high anxiety, like I did two jobs instead of just one.

So. Anxiety. Totally a thing. Too much all at once and I'm a wreck.

Feeling bad about the amount of work I haven't done on my personal project. Then I look at all the other things I've gotten done instead and... well, I still feel bad, but maybe less bad.

I feel like Analytics click-tracking is my personal nemesis. Like, the business requirements around it, the actual mechanism, and the futzing around for testing. I've been tasked with it on three teams, and it's never been straightforward.

Pardon my language, but I am not too fond of trying to make my code work in Internet Explorer.

Imagine I swore a lot while I said that.

I managed around 200 words with a pen today, the most I've been able to get through since spraining my wrist.

Looking into connecting to APIs via C. Thinking about a terminal-based text editor that syncs with a remote database.

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