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I can't believe I'm saying this but I think j3ster might actually be worse than John McAfee

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Wow this devolved into another shitpost account real fast go me

FYI I am migrating to and this account will now redirect to that address

fresh Steven universe tattoo of Pearl with the caption "am big gay" Show more

seeing games like VA-11 HALL-A makes me just get what ppl describe as asmr tingles but so intensely. ill get my cute horror games out once i fix myself... dont u worry.. lmao

.@citrustwee has synesthesia. That means when she hears certain sounds, she experiences them as an image of the PBR dog

the problem with brushing teeth is that eventually you run out of other people's teeth

testosterone is not a male hormone because CIS WOMEN NATURALLY PRODUCE TESTOSTERONE

in fact, the only women who ever had zero testosterone levels are trans women.
if testosterone is a male hormone then trans women are less male than cis women, and I don't see any cis people making THAT argument EVER

terfs are so wrong about everything like oooh you're not trans you just gotta love yourself well guess what margaret I have the body of a beautiful god and im still trans fuck off margaret

that said, im a cryptid: postmodern boogeyperson

one of the most interesting moments in my schooling was watching a teacher sweatily try to explain the difference between patriotism (good) and nationalism (bad).

weird trans feeling Show more

* voice* Hello my name is Arnold. I am from #germany and I love to #cycling and #comics. I also like #GNU #Linux und being #kinky. Vat is up mein bruders

Hot socialism take:
Socialism is cool and good and so is talking about it online and it doesn't matter that other people think of you as a less pure socialist, gatekeeping is shit and those people are wrong

you either die valid, or live long enough to see yourself cancelled

*king Henry VII voice*
Hrrgh, sire, I keep trying to divorce my wife but I'm dummy thicc and the clap of my ass cheeks keeps alerting the Catholic Church

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