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@fool We now return to whatever youwere doing before read this post.

@fool with the sound of BRRRRRRRRing growing ever closer and louder

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The hero of prophecy: Okay, the next thing the oracle said we need is a magic pendant
Me, appearing suddenly in a puff of smoke to be the newest party member: Actually, you misheard....

@fool I thought it was a subjunctive clause but TBH still don't know what the rest of the lyrics said.

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To do good is a choice. It's meaningful in part because you have an alternative, namely to do evil.

But when you're talking with other people about it, you're supposed to pretend that it's not a choice, that good is mandatory, because part of being in society is persuading other people in your society to act in a manner that benefits society.

@fool What if I made a lil' whoopsadoodle. Like how do I work through that.

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I'm about halfway through my long ass vacation and I've finally been away from responsibilities long enough to start feel stirred to program for fun. @fool Well have you tried funging it off and back on again?

hooligon, n. (mathematics): A straight-sided planar figure that leaves the football match and breaks your car windows.

@grandor I'll sell you my Get Out Of Game Free card so you won't have to lose anymore.

@Dee @fool This should be rare; Get muted by too many users and they literally drag you out of town.

Did you hear about the keyboardist who was really good at dynamics?

It was their piano forté.

@fribbledom Technically we have an inkjet but it's sat unopened for like nine years.

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