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RT @grapenuts_robot: Now gimme twenny extra bucks for that Shawshank style!

@wilmhit It'll make them jealous that you had more sex than them.

@fool Some places replaced the physical access log ("in" the room) with electronic records ("on" the system) and others pretended not to.

Just checked again and N*xtdoor is still a mess.

@deshipu But we're supposed to make tech incluuuusive and acceeeeeeeessible, not lock it up behind regulations and accountability.

@lis @fribbledom YES, debugging is the price we pay for not programming carefully

@fool Blue Öyster Cult suggested that to me one time.

That was never a part of the acceptance criteria, nor was your giving Han to that bounty hunter!

Markov chain generated toot 

@jonn @stapper @fakefred C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER

@mithrandir well we got reusable rockets out of it so that's pretty cool

@saiba Some folks are more vulnerable to laptop-camera threats like "Bitcoin or I leak your nudes".

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