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@fribbledom So adulting has a 1% duty cycle? Sounds legit.

@fool that's right, eh - absorbing poisons and evolving into a futuristic species!

@fool me, type Go player: oh hey I didn't even see you guys over there

I've just looked at the calendar and am declaring May Day, May, Day May Day!

@ijyx Battling entropy is hard work. See also: parenting.

@fool If they would then we'd have time to work on the Hammer-Timing Conjecture.

@mithrandir He's Japanese. Jimmy Sashimi.

But Calabrese's mom has got it goin' on.

I'm launching a new vegetarian meat substitute.

It's called Wannabeef.

@CodingItWrong and then you get into practices like Test-Drivem Development

@fool Then you can feel like a visitor to the hardware store.

@fifonetworks make sure you don't break any seals on the box or they'll charge you for it

@CodingItWrong fundamental OOP concepts are compositiom and inheritamce

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