im learning new stuff abt myself and its cool

ive never understood why some (all) chores are easy for me at work but difficult to impossible at home.

One of my guesses was that its just compartmentalized thinking (work is where i do work stuff, home is where i do home stuff. and chores are work stuff.)

But yesterday i emptied the dishwasher at work and there were a lot more different kinds of dishes than usual, bc the kids had had dessert. And suddenly the task was a lot more difficult than usual.
And i realized that usually when i empty the dishwasher at work, theres the same amount of dishes as at home, but less categories. When theres 10 plates, 10 cups and 10 forks, i have 3 tasks: put plates away, put cups away, put forks away

At home, there'll be the same amount of dishes, but instead of 10 things of three different categories, it might be 3 things each of 10 categories
... and thats 10 tasks instead of 3


@ijyx Battling entropy is hard work. See also: parenting.

@gws Honestly, that's pretty much the reason I don't wanna be a parent. Because it'd be the exact same thing

I work with children. In the past two years, I've worked (usually in the form of internships) in a daycare center, an after-school and now the children's station of a psychiatric hospital. I've worked with children age 0-12 and I *love* it

But do I think I could do it at home? *Fuck* no

(I mean im 19, i have like two decades to change my mind about this. But alone the thought of not having clearly scheduled breaks is stressful to me)

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