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The hero of prophecy: Okay, the next thing the oracle said we need is a magic pendant
Me, appearing suddenly in a puff of smoke to be the newest party member: Actually, you misheard....

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To do good is a choice. It's meaningful in part because you have an alternative, namely to do evil.

But when you're talking with other people about it, you're supposed to pretend that it's not a choice, that good is mandatory, because part of being in society is persuading other people in your society to act in a manner that benefits society.

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I'm about halfway through my long ass vacation and I've finally been away from responsibilities long enough to start feel stirred to program for fun.

hooligon, n. (mathematics): A straight-sided planar figure that leaves the football match and breaks your car windows.

Did you hear about the keyboardist who was really good at dynamics?

It was their piano forté.

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RT @grapenuts_robot: Now gimme twenny extra bucks for that Shawshank style!

Just checked again and N*xtdoor is still a mess.

That was never a part of the acceptance criteria, nor was your giving Han to that bounty hunter!

I've just looked at the calendar and am declaring May Day, May, Day May Day!

I'm launching a new vegetarian meat substitute.

It's called Wannabeef.

Just saw an HTTP 406 for the first time in my life.

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Sometimes I find some long ago note or tweet that I wrote implying
something bad or disappointing happened and I have no other notes or any
idea what happened on that date, a mystery forever lost to time, but also a
reminder that THIS TOO SHALL PASS always applies

Changes for US73755 - Correction to the Check query, Oxford comma, and test script.

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