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Sometimes I find some long ago note or tweet that I wrote implying
something bad or disappointing happened and I have no other notes or any
idea what happened on that date, a mystery forever lost to time, but also a
reminder that THIS TOO SHALL PASS always applies

Changes for US73755 - Correction to the Check query, Oxford comma, and test script.

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@esvrld good work takes time and skill. If they want to pay me for the amount of time it takes to truly engineer something, I’d love that. If they pay for a rush job, that’s what they’re going to get.

Compared pressure cooker coffee to French press, same ground, five minutes infusion, and paper-filtered. Press brew is sharper, weaker, not sweet.

Can't do a direct comparison with pourover right now but I think that'll be coming soon.

I pressurized ground coffee in water in an open jar inside an . Slightly low coffee:water ratio.
About five minutes to pressurize, sat for another five-ish, then I let the pressure off.
Brew came out normal strength and not overextracted at all.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to try to brew coffee in a pressure cooker. If I don't report back it's because it *worked too well*.

1. try to log in
2. I forgot my password
3. request a reset
4. enter the password I want
5. it needs special characters or whatever
6. change the password so it jumps through all the hoops
7. you can't re-use an old password
8. try to log in with (6)
9. it was that

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Science: I’ll believe it when I see it.
Religion: I’ll see it when I believe it.

Flame on!

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You can teach a man to fish a horse out of the water but you can't make him uh wait hold on...

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