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With version 21.12 just around the corner, we are releasing the first beta version for testing. Try it out and help find breakages in your daily usage or bugs in these new features:

* Multiple Project Bins
* Multicam editing
* Same-track transitions
* Slip and Ripple trimming modes
* Noise reduction filter
* Importing folders ignoring sub-folder structures

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Expecting a billionaire to save you from a crisis created by capitalism is like expecting a king to save you from a crisis created by monarchy.

21.08.3 is out fixing many same track transition issues. Other noteworthy improvements include loop zones don’t stop playback when adding effects, added ability to set clip thumbnails when hover seeking clips in the Project Bin and proxies can now be automatically generated for .mlt files.

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The first beta release of Glossaico 1.0 is out for early adopters, testers and linux-on-mobile enthusiasts.

Glossaico is a linux-on-mobile language learning application based on @librelingo.

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Kalendar v0.1.0 is out now!!!

While Kalendar is still under heavy development, we finally have a version that is ready to be packaged by distros!

Read all about our release, and about this week's massive list of changes, here:

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What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

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Trechos antes sigilosos da ação por monopólio da publicidade digital, ajuizada nos EUA contra o Google, revelam que a empresa usou e abusou de táticas desleais para barrar rivais e, no caminho, enganou muita gente e prejudicou a SUA privacidade.


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The team have managed to make KDE's full-featured video editor work on macOS. There is now a nightly version of Kdenlive you can test:

Be advised that Kdenlive for Mac is beta software and not recommended for production.

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#GIMP 2.99.8 is out. Highlights : multi-layer cloning, wider coverage of graphic tablets on Windows, JPEG-XL importing/exporting, PSB importing, support for larger-than-4GiB PSD files, and more. Windows/Linux builds available, macOS build is in the works />

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Nate Graham (developer and author of This Week in KDE), Aleix Pol (President of KDE), and Lydia Pintscher (Vice President) will be answering all your questions on Reddit live on Sunday, October 17th at 16:00 UTC. Don’t miss it!

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Plasma 25th Anniversary Edition is here! It brings a glossier Breeze theme, a beautiful new wallpaper, new features, faster and re-designed tools and much more.

We'll be having a quick Café tonight at 7PM UTC (9PM Paris). Format will be mostly Q&A. Join us!

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Asking for financial help 

Hey folks - things are starting to look up, but I’m still in the hole right now. I have less than $50 at the moment and have bills to pay at the end of the month. I really hope this is the last month I have to ask, but: I would really appreciate it if you could help me out. My Patreon and PayPal accounts are below:

I also have a GitHub Sponsors that accepts one-time payments, though I receive payouts slowly there:

Filmora Editor keeps deceiving people with their fake adds. This is affecting , and . still does nothing about it!

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⚠️REMINDER: Only download Inkscape from trusted sources and be cautious about emails with links, even if they claim to be from the project. If there's any doubt go to the source. The latest, validated release will always be available for free on our website.

Boosts appreciated.

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Bored this weekend? We've finally got a new drawing challenge for you!

The topic is

It runs until October 4, 2021.

Create a picture and join the fun in the Inkscape forums at

No prizes, just fun!

#InkscapeChallenge #artwithopensource

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