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Initial implementation of multicam editing in just got merged. 😎

The Slip tool just landed in 's master branch. This is the first of the advanced trimming tools feature coming in December's release. You can keep up with the progress here:

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LibreOffice 7.2 is here! Check out highlights of the new features in this quick video – and thanks to everyone in our community who made them happen!

21.08 is out with an upgraded engine, new time remapping and masking effects, many usability improvements and bug fixes.

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#postmarketOS (edge) now has support for Visual Voicemail! Thanks to @kop316 for his amazing work on vvmd and vvmplayer, for fetching and displaying/playing Visual Voicemails!

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Join us for the August Café tonight (Tuesday, 10th) @ 9PM (UTC+2), see you there!


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What would advertisements for different KDE apps look like? KDE Gear ⚙️ 21.08, an update to many of KDE's applications, comes out on Thursday, and we decided to give it a go.

Today: [Konsole](
Tomorrow: [Dolphin](
Wednesday: [Elisa](

[Want more apps?](

Effect masks are coming back in the next release. Stay tuned for more!

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« #GIMP has been developed as a community effort since very early on, after its original authors left the project. This begs the question of sustainability when contributors wish to stay longer while not being able to afford being penniless volunteers forever. »

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Are you a journalist and/or YouTuber? Make sure you are signed up for our press list to be the first to know about new releases and significant developments at elementary!

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Windows version of the 21.04.3 series is available to download. There is also a hotfix release for the AppImage fixing missing Lumas.

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If anyone is good with #javascript and wants to help @darktable refine our search results with #lunrjs, please see

The last maintenance release of the 21.04 series is out with improvements to same track transitions, improved Wayland support, as well as fixing issues with rotoscoping and the speech to text module. This version also adds support for the WebP image format. Due to technical issues there won’t be a Windows version for this release.

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Become a KDE legend: Design the winning wallpaper for Plasma's 25th Anniversary Edition and forever enter KDE's hall of fame (+ win a subscription to Blender Cloud).

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Open Source project with global volunteer contributors & users seeks likeminded macOS dev contributor.

Inquiries welcome ❤️

More info available here:

#Inkscape #collaboration #opensource #macOS

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