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With version 21.12 just around the corner, we are releasing the first beta version for testing. Try it out and help find breakages in your daily usage or bugs in these new features:

* Multiple Project Bins
* Multicam editing
* Same-track transitions
* Slip and Ripple trimming modes
* Noise reduction filter
* Importing folders ignoring sub-folder structures

21.08.3 is out fixing many same track transition issues. Other noteworthy improvements include loop zones don’t stop playback when adding effects, added ability to set clip thumbnails when hover seeking clips in the Project Bin and proxies can now be automatically generated for .mlt files.

We'll be having a quick Café tonight at 7PM UTC (9PM Paris). Format will be mostly Q&A. Join us!

Filmora Editor keeps deceiving people with their fake adds. This is affecting , and . still does nothing about it!

Initial implementation of multicam editing in just got merged. 😎

The Slip tool just landed in 's master branch. This is the first of the advanced trimming tools feature coming in December's release. You can keep up with the progress here:

21.08 is out with an upgraded engine, new time remapping and masking effects, many usability improvements and bug fixes.

Join us for the August Café tonight (Tuesday, 10th) @ 9PM (UTC+2), see you there!


Effect masks are coming back in the next release. Stay tuned for more!

Windows version of the 21.04.3 series is available to download. There is also a hotfix release for the AppImage fixing missing Lumas.

The last maintenance release of the 21.04 series is out with improvements to same track transitions, improved Wayland support, as well as fixing issues with rotoscoping and the speech to text module. This version also adds support for the WebP image format. Due to technical issues there won’t be a Windows version for this release.

21.04.2 is out out bringing missing keyframing support to effects (like glitch0r. scratchlines and charcoal) as well as the usual batch of bug fixes and usability improvements.

Olá, mundo

Na próxima semana, realizaremos um ciclo de oficinas ministradas por nós e encontros temáticos com parceiros e coletivos que têm muito a trocar conosco.

É o Gunga na Roda!

Se liga na programação:

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