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☕️ Kdenlive Café ☕️

📆 Tuesday, June 8

🕘 9PM (Paris time)


Kdenlive Cafés are back! And streaming! Join us next Tuesday, May 4th at 7pm UTC for 2 hours of live videochat on video-editing, video-storytelling, plans, projects and all things . See you there!


21.04 is out with:

💎 UI/UX improvements
🛠️ Many bug fixes
📸 Typewriter and Strobing effects
🎉 New Effect Zones and Speech-to-Text features
🗃️ Media Browser
📡 Online Resources widget + more media providers
🔍 Timeline Zoombars

Get it now:

20.12 is out with nifty new features like same track transitions, subtitling tool, performance improvements, an overhauled effects layout and the usual batch of bug fixes and usability improvements.

Release candidate of 20.12 is ready for testing! Give it a spin and let us know how it goes. Specifically see if there are any regressions to your workflow as well as test the new subtitler and same track transition feature.

20.12 beta is out and ready for testing. There are 2 new features to be tested, same track transitions and subtitler, and although they are still under heavy development they are ready to be tested. Let us know what you think so far...

20.08.2 is out bringing back the automatic scene split feature, experimental GPU rendering and a new crop effect besides the usual round of usability improvements and bug fixes. The Windows version gets new audio and video effects.

20.08.1 is out bringing minor fixes as work continues on same track transitions due for 20.12 release.

Professinal video editor Massimo Stella will be giving a talk at , check it out:

⚠️Don't forget to register⚠️

20.08 is out with nifty features like Interface Layouts, Multiple Audio Stream support, Cached data management and Zoom bars but one may argue that the highlights of this release are stability and interface improvements.

Help test the upcoming release. Expect less crashes (none from my tests) as well as many UI/UX improvements and a ton of bug fixes. Some highlights are multiple audio streams, zoom bars in clip monitor, new layout management and predefined layouts, and performance improvements in image sequence playback to name a few.

WARNING: This version has a new project type that is not backwards compatible... so you won't be able to use older versions to open new files.

Get it:

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