22.04 is released with more than 300 commits, mostly focused on stability and polishing, ranging from packaging all the way up to user interface enhancements.

@hacknorris That's your experience... but hey good thing is that it is free software, so learn to code and submit a patch. Also go declare war on inequality, poverty, injustice rather than declaring war on a bunch of people working on their free time. Maybe you are kind of joking but I fail to see it as funny or cheeky... you just become counter-productive and annoying after a while.


@hacknorris @frd but look how many things kde plasma has in comparison to gnome. Gnome is tailored into the more closed direction (libadvaita - just to clarify there's nothing wrong with that) and kde plasma is more open, customizable, etc. I'd compare it to PC vs Mac (PC as well). One has way less configurations so they can make it way more stable whereas the other one has so many configurations that basically every configuration is a new one.

@hacknorris @frd I'm not saying it's stable for me, it's not at all, but I'd give them the benefit of the doubt

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