@gunga jeez... someone yet use it? kdenlive looks like win98... well...

@hacknorris @gunga ๐Ÿ˜‚ can't tell if your trolling... I use it and works great! ;)

@frd more modernish? lol.
was it made it last century? last update then? lol

@hacknorris elaborate on modernish? also yeah it was made last century. lol

@frd made but updated?
anyways - maybe make more context menus not only everthing immediately at eyes? overload

@hacknorris It is updated every month... I still don't understand what you mean. Do you edit videos?

@frd yes. online shitty chinese sites look better :/

The editing is cool, kdenlive is decent, but I don't know wtf did I just watch..

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