Googleads is misleading people searching for . Please help retweet (if you are on twitter) to stop this.

@gunga Fuck google and fuck filmora even more. Shitty software and shitty practices. I remember they would spam questions asking for good video editing software then spam their own posts with filmora.

@SirLotsaLocks Someone said they had to cancel their credit card since Filmora wouldn't stop charging them (monthly) a year after they had bought a lifetime license.

@gunga That's absolutely out-fucking-rageous! Especially given that Kdenlive is itself (probably) the best alternative to proprietary rip-off monopolised shit, not mentioning any names though.


@gunga I saw this as well, wonder how much that company paid!

@gunga I recommend my dad to install Kdenlive and asked me about Filmora. Now I understand why 😡

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