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Jeri Ellsworth, augmented reality visionary, self-made electronics hacker and Queen of Makers, will deliver a keynote at .

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Kdenlive's video café starts in 15 minutes. If you like making videos, join us to find out how Kdenlive can help you.

Kdenlive Cafés are back! And streaming! Join us next Tuesday, May 4th at 7pm UTC for 2 hours of live videochat on video-editing, video-storytelling, plans, projects and all things . See you there!


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Akira 0.0.14 is out in the Flathub beta channel with a gazillion new features and improvements.
We're still looking for a snap developer willing to help us out fixing a couple of quirks.
Share the love 😘

21.04 is out with:

💎 UI/UX improvements
🛠️ Many bug fixes
📸 Typewriter and Strobing effects
🎉 New Effect Zones and Speech-to-Text features
🗃️ Media Browser
📡 Online Resources widget + more media providers
🔍 Timeline Zoombars

Get it now:

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With people at OSP we met #IgorNovikov at multiple @lgm conferences and he always amazed us with his dual activities, psychologist and passionnated developer of vector editing #sk1. We found other ways to process #cmyk #vector files, but his software was always a helpfull alternative. And we've liked a lot his strong eastern presence as an alternative posture amongst standard chilling western developers! Too young to die. Regrets!

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Yes, after a month of work, I finally managed to merge the #avif / #heif branch!

It has full color profile support and everything! This was an insane amount of work, especially research and I felt I was going mad at some points.

Krita's appimages and other binaries will be building libheif with #rav1e and #dav1d, which means that mere mortals will be able to save avif without needing a fancy computer at cost of a little quality.

#krita #av1

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Reminder: tomorrow, I’ll be speaking at the online #LibrePlanet 2021 software freedom conference about the problem of fan arts. It will be epic, check it out!
Sunday 21 March, 10:10 to 10:55 EDT (15h10 Paris time) Neptune room.

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We're proud to be participating in Google Summer of Code 2021! Are you a student seeking an opportunity to wrangle code & solve #Inkscape issues this summer? Read how to apply& learn what GSoC 2020 alumni wrangled last summer:

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Calling all Inkscape artists!

You're invited to enter our traditional About Screen Contest for the upcoming Inkscape version 1.1!

Find all information about how to join the drawing contest at

We're looking forward to seeing your art!

#inkscape #contest #drawing #ArtWithOpenSource

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Mixxx faces big challenges moving to Qt6. Maybe someone skilled with graphics programming and Qt can give us some advice?

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Oh, by the way (about the production report video I shared previously today), the video editing with #kdenlive 20.12.1appimage on Kubuntu 20.04 was a really cool experience 👍 Bravo to the team. I really love the new subtitle editor.

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Krita 4.4.2 released! Over 300 changes, many bugs fixed, new features (mesh gradients, mesh transform, gradient fill layer and new gradient editor, improved halftone filter and more).

20.12 is out with nifty new features like same track transitions, subtitling tool, performance improvements, an overhauled effects layout and the usual batch of bug fixes and usability improvements.

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Plasma Mobile news for Nov./Dec.: Across the board improvements to notifications and apps, a theme that increases speed while reducing RAM usage, chat with the NeoChat app and surf the web with a stabler Angelfish that includes a new ad-blocker. #opensource #kde

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Since 2006 we’ve been hiring interns from backgrounds underrepresented in tech. Learn about what a GNOME internship means and how you can help us grow a community of #FOSS contributors

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