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Windows version of the 21.04.3 series is available to download. There is also a hotfix release for the AppImage fixing missing Lumas.

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If anyone is good with #javascript and wants to help @darktable refine our search results with #lunrjs, please see

The last maintenance release of the 21.04 series is out with improvements to same track transitions, improved Wayland support, as well as fixing issues with rotoscoping and the speech to text module. This version also adds support for the WebP image format. Due to technical issues there won’t be a Windows version for this release.

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Become a KDE legend: Design the winning wallpaper for Plasma's 25th Anniversary Edition and forever enter KDE's hall of fame (+ win a subscription to Blender Cloud).

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Open Source project with global volunteer contributors & users seeks likeminded macOS dev contributor.

Inquiries welcome ❤️

More info available here:

#Inkscape #collaboration #opensource #macOS

📢 É hoje!

📡 Software Livre e Hacker Clubes
⏰ 16h

📡 Comunicação, tecnologias, coletividades e culturas
⏰ 18h30

📡 LIVE - Software Livre e Hacker Clubes 🎙️

Um papo aberto e compartilhado sobre e .

Quem chega junto:

🔸 Tomaz Canabrava (KDE)
🔸 Otávio Carneiro (Calango Hacker Clube - DF)
🔸 Ka Menezes (Raúl Hacker Clube - BA)
🔸 Felipe Sanches (Garoa Hacker Clube - SP)

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#darktable has moved from freenode to OFTC. Please join us there!

21.04.2 is out out bringing missing keyframing support to effects (like glitch0r. scratchlines and charcoal) as well as the usual batch of bug fixes and usability improvements.

Olá, mundo

Na próxima semana, realizaremos um ciclo de oficinas ministradas por nós e encontros temáticos com parceiros e coletivos que têm muito a trocar conosco.

É o Gunga na Roda!

Se liga na programação:

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Plasma 5.22 is here! KDE's desktop is more reliable, adaptable and fun than ever before. Revel in the adaptive transparency, find stuff easily with the global menu search and reach windows faster with the enhanced task manager features.

☕️ Kdenlive Café ☕️

📆 Tuesday, June 8

🕘 9PM (Paris time)


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The Schedule is now live! You can find out about all the programmed talks and timezones here:

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Welcome to #Inkscape 1.1! We're excited to launch our latest version... with a Welcome dialog, Command Palette, revamped Dialog Docking System & searchable preference options, along with new exporting formats. Download for Linux, Windows or macOS :

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