At some point in time I’m going to have to add “stedolan jq” to my list of known programming languages.

It's been decades, but the emotion tapped by Bridge to Terabithia still echoes in my soul. Pretty sure if I ever needed to cry on demand remembering finishing that book would be the way.
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Have you ever cried or been tempted to cry over a fictional character’s death?

I know there's a lot of Solo haters, but without it we'd never have my OTP: K-2SO and L3-37.

Don't worry: i got back on the VPN and most certainly broke the cluster.

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TFW you think you broke the cluster, but really you just fell off the VPN.

Well, there it is.
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I work at Basecamp and I co-spearheaded the DEI Council formation. I’ve seen people ask what the DEI Council did to warrant such a response. The answer is _nothing_. We formed in February and we’re still getting ourselves organized.

Tonight I blanked on Doug McKenzie's name (I had Bob McKenzie) and it nearly cost me a game of Trivial Pursuit. I think I should make @rachel9725 watch Strange Brew as tribute.

I got a new mattress the other week and it's been like magic: no back pain, sleeping like a log. I think, however, my back was feeling the lack of attention because it just popped and noped out of working for no apparent reason. If you need me I'm not going anywhere.


"RMS acknowledges that he has made mistakes. He has sincere regrets, especially at how anger toward him personally has negatively impacted the reputation and mission of FSF."
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Statement of FSF board on election of Richard Stallman (RMS):

I don’t know if Friday I was just burnt, or it’s just taken me a while to get the cobwebs off my k8s troubleshooting skills: But this should have been obvious.

I might need to institute a new rule whereby I take a break at least as frequently as I have to refresh my AWS session credentials.

Same, buddy. Same.
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This is Panko. Welcome to the most embarrassing moment of his life. He’s spent countless hours trying to scrub this video from the web. 14/10 sorry buddy

I'd only seen images of this tweet. I thought they were photoshopped. I thought he couldn't have been that plain. I should have known better.
Sen. McConnell: "My warning, if you will, to corporate America is to stay out of politics. It's not what you`re designed for. I'm not talking about political contributions. … I support that. I'm talking about taking a position."

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