TFW you realize the problem is with the @CPRNews stream, and not your internet connection (again).

Tonight's dinner included a perfectly ripe avocado AND a perfectly ripe peach. It is clearly the end times.

In a “you get what you pay for” discussion and I made the mistake of looking up what this vendor’s funding is. Does not compute.

For the second time today I've discovered mystery blood on myself. I've come to the conclusion there are two likely meanings:

1. I'm dead and Molly has reincarnated me because she doesn't have thumbs and dinner must not be late.

2. I'm just dreaming and 2020 is my fault. Sorry.

I've never been fast, but I've long been happy with my technique. My brain just melted.
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This is Katie Ledecky swimming the length of a pool without spilling a single drop of the chocolate milk balanced on her head.

Sometimes you think you’ve seen it all in sports, and then you come across what might be the most athletic thing I’ve ever seen

Really interesting analogy between how people used to assume mapping software was so good that they’d follow instructions to ridiculous ends and how they trust facial recognition now.

Apparently the Trump campaign has purchased a truly trash email list: an old spam account has started getting mail again.

I have watched this about 9001 times.
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Mookie’s ridiculous throw to 3rd 😱

(via @MLB)

On the one hand I had stuff to do today, on the other hand I slept funny and I'm old enough that that means I'm stuck on the couch.

"1 quart (about 3 cups)"

What? I mean, yes, recipes on the internets can be crazy, but WHAT?

So a Hozier video showed up in my feed and it took me way to long to realize it wasn't @MikeRoof.

Arguably the best thing to come out of quarantine is @CriticalRole's Narrative Telephone series. While it starts out entertaining it really takes off when they start weaponizing the stories.

I’m not sure where on the “things I don’t need” list “caffeinated chihuahua” falls, but let me assure you it’s prominent.

Watching @mythic_quest and their burndown chart trends down. At pace. I'm pretty sure that's the least believable thing I've seen on the show so far.

I'm genuinely curious what the temperature would have to be for the Chihuahua to be like "Nah, I don't need to burrow into a blanket. I'm good."

Had to go to @AceHardware twice today and one of the employees was wearing their mask below their nose the whole time: I still can't get this out of my head.

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