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Does Tesla have an email address I could use? Couldn't find one on the site.

What's a good "messages" alternative? The Google one keeps getting more creepy...

Would be cool to be able to filter from a user that contains this text.

Looks like the platform I targeted does not have the header "dlfcn.h", looking like I might have to re-implement that myself.

Sounds very unfun.


configure: error: unsupported operating system elf

Wish distcc would work better when throwing it at random projects.

How can I get a directory in Linux to show up in a Windows 10 VM as a drive?

That feeling when your spreadsheet is 21MB when compressed.

Is there a way to easily stub a C library so that the methods that get called log and abort?

I'm wondering how hard it would be to add a bytecode LLVM architecture.

It seems that libvirt is broken on my laptop, says that "-.mount" is masked when I try to start it. What does that even mean?

Reminder that Intel messed up paged memory and effectively made RING1 and RING2 useless.

I just wrote a 400 word "why Mario Kart Tour is a bad game" thing in the survey.

#libreOffice #libreOfficeCalc Question 

My Arch font seems to be missing a whole lot of characters. Seems to only contain Latin and Latin like characters.

Anyone know how I could fix this?

Working on a spreadsheet for class, it takes about a minute for it to save.

In LibreOffice Calc is there a way to copy a column over to a second sheet with all the duplicate entries removed?

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