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Okay, I am very confused right now.

I used a Beagle 480 to check the "over the wire" data on a USB serial device. The data sent with my program is the same as the original, the only difrence is the host->device data using multiple USB packets. But the data my program reads is not the same as what the original reads, despite the same data being sent over the wire.

What in the world is going on here?

Do the Linux kernel's crypto APIs use hardware acceleration when available?

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Does the world need a “Lightweight Software Foundation”, or something similar?

Boosts welcome.

The worst part about starting a project is coming up with a name for it.

I might have just thought of a way to detect Magisk... Time to investigate!

I also wish that more of these KiCAD projects floating around provided the libs that they used.

Trying to find a part in KiCAD and it is nowhere to be found!

Can I have a flagship phone with:
A decent LCD
Removable battery
3.5mm headphone jack

Thinking it might be okay to just use timers or something for now.

Having one of those "I must be an idiot" moments with my code.

stbtt_ScaleForPixelHeight does not seem to be returning a valid scale factor? Giving it my STBTTFontinfo and 16, then calling PackFontRanges and it is making the chars very very small.


I swear to god, Intellij IDEA is so stupid sometimes.

If you make a project that uses modules it refuses to build the project with resources and classes in the same directory!

Time to make an "IDE only" code path.

I'm wondering how hard it is to compile VHDL from an old CPLD to a new, supported one.

Something to poke at when I have time.

Hard read:
The Big Bang Theory ends with Stewart getting married.

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Oh hey, I should post this here too! I made a CSS-only async chat by using background-image requests to send data and long-running http requests to return it.

I love it when one app eats up 8GB of RAM.

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