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I'm just gonna say: The YouTube recommendation algorithm is FAR more harmful than any amount of channels full of hate speech. Optimizing for engagement is always going to give priority to these sorts of things. Engagement is a toxic metric.

I wonder if there is a custom firmware for the Joy-Con yet.

Is there a tool for editing PNG files at a chunk level?

Brits are Silly/Mastodon Spelling 

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mastodon meta, unpopular idea 

Would a PCI parallel port card work in my system with a handful of PCI-e cards and a few PCI slots?

If so, could I forward it to a Windows VM and monitor it in Linux?


Microsoft trying to get money from people accidentally clicking ads on the lock screen.


With how old Bluetooth is you'd think it would work.

Is there is a way to search the known Fedi for a tag without a domain.

*sees 8 hex values then a dash*
Neat a UUID!

I wonder when a lean set of system libraries and applications will come along. Should be able to get it really small and fast.

Things like copy-on-write should help with that as well. Wonder how much more stuff would fit in cache with such a system, newer CPUs have insane cache sizes...

Are there any crypto cards that can work fast enough to do on the fly operations for NVMe SSDs?

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hiya there #programming people, if you make a #gui and it has a "search" function and that search function can run upwards of a minute, maybe don't make it a blocking operation. let the user "cancel" it (doesn't necessarily have to be an explicit cancel function, could also just let them navigate away and silently stop the search job)

this doubly applies if you are doing long network operations


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I like my passwords like I like my potatoes: salted and hashed.

HT @ericlewis

Sounds like Windows still doesn't like a boat load of hardware threads. Nice.

What is wrong with OVH?

error: failed retrieving file 'gcc
-libs-8.3.0-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz' from : HTTP server doesn't seem to support byte ranges. Cannot resume.
warning: failed to retrieve some files

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