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Wasn't there supposed to be an easy to use email hosting package somewhere?

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#Tusky 7 beta 1 (yes, polls) has been released.
Please report us any problems so we can fix them and release Tusky 7 for everyone soon!
Full changelog on GitHub:

There should be a way to automatically report new accounts if they post within a second or two of being able to. A person is highly unlikely to do that if they aren't copying and pasting.

This OVH ip failover thing is so hit and miss.

*starts hacking away at the JVM*

*can't do bad things with pure Java*

*implements bad things in C*

*bad things still don't work*

Oh, I guess JNI is no longer "god mode".

In Java is there a way to make a Thread call a method in it's thread of execution when it exits?

I am trying to make a library that needs to init some thread specific stuff and then clean it up when the threads exit, but I can't have users explicitly clean up after themselves.

I really need to make a good memory library for Java. I keep running into situations that needs one.

I had a problem with a program needing an old dependency, turns out AUR had it.


Beginning to think I should have put it across ground on the target device?

Does this seem like a reasonable inline USB "external power" circuit?

I just broke a professional tool by reloading a data set.

Are rechargeable AA batteries any good? I know when I was little they where very unstable.

Alright. Firefox just disabled uBlock and HTTPS everywhere because they are "unsigned" and I got them from the add-on "store".

What the heck.

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Can you just clone a disk and setup RAID1? 🤔

I think one of my drives is dieing. Stuff is corrupting a lot and sometimes disk access just stops working entirely.

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