Anyone know how to get my laptop to stop tearing videos in Firefox? It's an AMD CPU/GPU thing from years ago

Note to self:
Next time a network device won't talk to the network check the cables.

@fribbledom I was just complaining about this to someone yesterday.

@shadowfacts Looks like a good place to stick lambdas. :-P

No idea what Swift is like though.

@roguelazer I'm sure you could install something with homebrew (or whatever that's called). I tend to use mkisofs or similar, but I'm sure that's not good for this use case.

Can you use BD? 🤔

@alexcleac Oh, that's really funky. That shouldn't be the case at all.

@alexcleac How to break Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade -y

@alexcleac I suppose that makes sense, would have to replace all the native methods with JS. Right?

@fdgonthier Yeah, I'm aware that it's contrived. Kinda why it's appealing.

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