@charlag It belongs on the top, there are gestures for a reason. Gives you more space to interact with messages without having to reach as far.

@fifonetworks Sometimes you don't even need a screenshot and it lets you do it from recent activities.

@shadowfacts If it has direct memory access because it is hardware that might not matter as much.

@shadowfacts I wonder, depending on how much that can see could this become a way to untether phones?

@roguelazer To be fair websites just do that by themselves now. :-)

Does anyone have some benchmark data for file I/O that compares stream access buffer sizes and memory mapping files? For Linux the new async I/O stuff would be a cool thing to add in too.

I'd like some info on the big three, Linux, Windows and OSX.

I wonder what the best way to implement varargs is. I do like Java's more than C's, but it still doesn't feel great.

re: twitter, musk 

@shadowfacts milli daily active users?

"I'm not lazy like other developers so I roll my own everything, including crypto!"

This is paraphrasing a bit, but that is walking a path of "never get anything finished" and "easy exploits."

How is the cast cleaner? It's platform specific and casting to a different type.

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Does any of the current RT stuff do subsurface scattering?

Which is cleaner?

I love it when Alphabet throttles me.

I know Wi-Fi sucks, but it isn't slow enough to make YouTube videos buffer.

So I'm trying to add __asm__ to javac and I must say, it isn't the easiest thing in the world to do.


@neo @loveshock If I had a job I would definitely say yes to that.


@neo @loveshock Any chance I could have that card? I have a 960 right now and I would love to play with the RT stuff.

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