@brion I mean, just drop it in a shell script in your users bin. mastSample video.in video.out

@yakkoj BGP is weird. It's surprising how well the internet works in the first place.

@ben @fribbledom Who knows, might be able to generate nobody users on weird systems.

On Android all apps get a unique UID.


Also why does my double free not occur when running with valgrind? I am very confused about this utility.

How am I supposed to intepret valgrind's output?

What does this mean?

sudo pacman-key --populate

Fixed it after like an hour. .-.

pacman is just sitting here doing nothing. How the heck do I fix it?

Oh I see, after looking at it with strace it's doing GNUPG junk.

@shadowfacts You know, this is a good gif again.

2^32-1 breaks too much stuff.

@brion I've been thinking about how you could implement that in a way that would not violate existing ABIs. For Java it should be trivial, I would have thought the same for WASM.

The optimizations on the other hand, that's scary to me.

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