Super Smash Bros Ultimate 

Yeah that looks right.

Smash Ultimate 

Let's welcome #3 into Elite Smash, Pitwo!

Yeah I think I know why webpages take a long time to load at random and I can't play games online anymore.

My internet connection is just dieing, I pay for 900/40 and get random >300MS ping times at 200/5 (or slightly better).

Smash Stuff 

I didn't do this, it's from Beefy Smash Dudes.

Uncanny Valley 

Please tell me this isn't what AAA cutscenes look like now.

This is so incredibly creepy....

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate 

So I've got two fighters in Elite Smash now.

I really do wish wasn't such a stick in the mud.

Anyone happen to know how I can try and enable this to see if it works anyway?

I made a little script to setup this "SDK" from a VM image with this old version of VS installed.

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We all have that one weird thing that takes mini SD right?

For this assignment I am thinking these numbers are supported to be spread out by more than 12 points.

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