I love it when Alphabet throttles me.

I know Wi-Fi sucks, but it isn't slow enough to make YouTube videos buffer.

3D Printing Failure 

I wish I had noticed this earlier, the filament broke so there wasn't any plastic to extrude!

I think this might be my first failure.

I tried Cura for the first time.

I never printed a Benchy so I figured it was about time to rectify that error.

I finally have three monitors and a real wired internet connection.

I am sure most of you don't care, but I got into Platinum on Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel!

Man, compilers are so cool.

clang took something that could have easily been a couple register operations and an entire function call and turned it into a singe mov instruction because it yields the same results.

I thought this is how it worked but I wanted to make sure!

You know, there might be a reason this is acting a little funny.

Christmas Spirit 

Also doubles as a scheduled toot test.

Rare Sportsball Meme 

I don't follow this stuff at all, but even I know the Detroit Lions suck. How do you even lose to them?

I spent too long implementing this shader in a Minecraft mod.

I really need to know why this is happening, it's random. The dumped font atlas always has the correct text and I am not changing code between runs. There are no GL errors.

When my text rendering works it looks pretty decent. I haven't been able to figure out why it doesn't always work though, it's kinda random.

I'm using multiple threads to load resources and I'm calling glFinish at the end of every set of threaded GL calls. The texture is always correct when dumped from the GPU, but sometimes the font renders as if the texture was solid white.

OpenGL 3.3 Help Requested 

Anyone happen to know what would be causing this to happen?

- 1 channel texture with GL_RED
- glError comes back clean
- Other textures work

Minecraft Mod Stuff 

So I am working on an interesting weather mod and I have a basic per-biome system basically working.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate 

Yeah that looks right.

Smash Ultimate 

Let's welcome #3 into Elite Smash, Pitwo!

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