this is the part of the Mastodon upgrade process where the load averages spike 😅

it's great when the Mastodon upgrade notes are like "this update includes long-running migrations"

I was curious about this, since 3.5.2 is just a patch release. what could take so long? in this case, it's adding a single index to the status table (the largest table by large margin):

a cool thing about Mastodon is that it's literally open source, you can just go poking around and see how it works

a user recently asked me why they couldn't add another reaction to an instance announcement. turns out there's a maximum of eight distinct reactions:

from an educational perspective, it's really useful to have a large, in-production Rails+JS app where anyone can pull down the code


@ashfurrow Wasn't this part of the announcement/changelog/feature list?

@gudenau I’m positive it was at some point, for some version. this behaviour was seen on 3.4.6.

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